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Brandi Redmond Dishes On Feud With BFF Stephanie Hollman & Teases More Drama To Come On RHOD!

When RHOD season 2 started filming it seemed that Brandi Redmond and LeeAnne Locken were on the outs, and we quickly found out that her relationship with Stephanie Hollman was severed; considering they were like sisters everyone was shocked, however, things quickly changed!

Brandi and Stephanie didn’t have a typical “housewives sit down;” they made up without fighting and were back to BFF’s right away. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight Brandi dished on her fight with Stephanie and revealed that it only made them stronger; they are back to besties who vacation together, laugh at each other’s jokes, and pull pranks that only a selective group of viewers find funny!

This season isn’t easy to watch for the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and she’s unsure how to handle RHOD season 2, after season 1 put a strain on her marriage and life in general!

The wounds become open all over again when you’re watching it,” Brandi admitted. Adding, “I don’t want to put myself [back] in that place.

So how does she feel every Monday night at 10:00 PM? “I kind of want to jump through the screen and fix it. I wish I could go back and tell myself, you know, not to close off, to communicate more,” she confessed.

As for her fight with Stephanie she said, “It made us stronger. As much as I thought she was hurting me, I was hurting her by what I was doing. I never wanted to be a mean girl. I just wanted to put up this wall … to see, hey, are you going to miss me? Do you realize what you’ve done to me,” Brandi recalled.

There was way more to their feud than we saw on RHOD, which makes it tough for viewers to pick a side; this is where the reality in reality TV becomes blurred.

Brandi teases the rest of the season we’ll see her and Stephanie “back to their old ways” which completely throws off her relationship with LeAnne Locken!

LeeAnne and Stephanie don’t get along. Stephanie and I, we basically would always defend each other. We would have each other’s back, and I think for the first time, I’m kind of pulling away, letting her deal with her mess,” she confirmed.

Continuing, “But I’m not gonna lie, I sit there and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, LeeAnne, this is not the way you communicate with Stephanie, She does not communicate that way.’ And that’s part of the reason that I don’t explode with [Stephanie], because I know how sensitive she is.

Then she bashed LeeAnee’s communication skills, and tried to discount the work she’s done in anger management; who knows how the rest of the season plays out, but it looks like LeeAnne and Brandi’s friendship is over faster than it started!

Obviously, she still needs a lot of work,” she joked. Wrapping, “There’s a disconnect between appropriate behavior sometimes, but more importantly, I’m like — wait. I have children, and I would never allow my children to behave this way, and how are you behaving this way?

I don’t like that Brandi leaves LeeAnne in the dust, after she used her when she had no one else on the show; people like that rub me the wrong way, but we’ll just have to watch the rest of the season before making any final decision on the RHOD cast relationships!

Thoughts on Brandi’s interview? Do you believe she and Stephanie had more to their feud? Are you excited she and Stephanie will be back to normal? Do you like LeeAnne? Did you think their friendship would last? Did she use LeeAnne? Thoughts on RHOD season 2? Let’s Discuss!

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