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Are the ‘Real Housewives’ Shows Scripted?

If you’re reading this blog, you most likely LOVE the Real Housewives, or maybe you simply LOVE TO HATE THEM, either way, you’re somewhat invested in Bravo’s biggest franchise ever.

Most of us watch the Real Housewives for the drama, the crying, the screaming, the glitz and the glam of the lifestyles of the rich and richer.

And yes sometimes it’s hard to believe that the Housewives can be so “on” every time the cameras are rolling but hey that’s the magic of reality TV, right?

So, what if you found out the Real Housewives shows were all scripted?

Well, In Touch Weekly has looked into how “real” the reality of our favorite Real Housewives are and their results are pretty freaking compelling.

First, things first, check out the video below.

Now if that isn’t enough proof to make you go ‘huh?’ here’s some more.

Recently, a reality TV producer held anonymous Ask Me Anything Q & A on a Real Housewives Reddit forum and answered questions about storylines, legal issues, and working with difficult reality TV stars.

When Housewives came up, they explained, “Each housewife is assigned to their own story producer, whose only job is to develop her storyline. So they conspire to create plot points, image, etc… Each story producer’s housewife is their responsibility. If the housewife has a breakdown at 2 am and wants to quit the show, or is pissed about her edit, she calls her story producer. The story producer has to pretend to be their bestie and gain their trust, but they are also in charge of creating exciting TV, and will influence their housewife to walk into set ups.”

Adding that those casual lunches and dinners are meticulously planned out ahead of time.

“To shoot anywhere that is not their privately owned home; you have to get permission from the owner and get a film permit [weeks before]… So anything at a restaurant or public space needs to be set up way in advance,” the producer explained.

However, Real Housewives producers Rachel Tennione explained to Business Insider that they can only control so much saying,“As a reality producer, you’re dealing with real people with their own minds that have their own images that they want to control or they want to be seen. We don’t always know what we’re going to get.”

It’s true – you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink. The producers can push, encourage, and guide the Housewives to do or say anything but when the cameras roll, they can’t control the words that come out of the Housewives’ mouths.

I’ve been to multiple filmings of RHONJ, and I’ve seen the show film firsthand, so I have a little insight. I wouldn’t say the show is scripted at all – it’s more guided. Producers will control when certain Housewives are pulled into conversations or arrive at events. We’ve even seen producers remind Housewives of past drama or topics to discuss they need to address but they aren’t feeding the Housewives lines at all. The Housewives have to come up with what they say all by themselves. And I will agree that the Housewives are each extremely close to their producers and you’d be shocked at how many producers and their assistants are at each event – it’s pretty crazy. Also, I want to point out that if the Real Housewives were completely scripted wouldn’t certain seasons be better. Honestly, think about it if producers controlled and manipulated everything we would have much more impressive storylines and drama and clearly, that’s not the case.

Do you think the Real Housewives shows are scripted? Is Real Housewives actual reality? Do you care if the Real Housewives shows are real or not? Would you stop watching the Real Housewives if you found out it was scripted? Sound off below!

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