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Kenya Moore Is On The Outs With Her RHOA Co-Stars; What’s Behind Her Latest Feud With Nene Leakes?!

Since her first season on RHOA Kenya Moore has been faking relationships with men for a storyline, yet she’s been exposed every single time and it’s quite pathetic, desperate, and downright weird; so has the newlywed finally learned her lesson? According to a new report, the answer is NO!

Kenya recently got married in what was supposed to be a top secret ceremony in St. Lucia, however, pictures from her romantic beach wedding were immediately leaked on the web, forcing her to come clean about her new husband Marc Daly. Kenya claimed she was trying to keep her relationship a secret, in an effort to keep their love safe from the scrutiny and criticism of the media and her RHOA co-stars and critics; yet this didn’t last long!

At the end of season 9 Kim Zolciak Biermann made an appearance and got into a heated argument with Kenya, which has boiled over to season 10, and at this point, things couldn’t get any worse!

The RHOA OG’s have made Kenya the season 10 target, and they are on a mission to prove that her marriage (just like her previous RHOA relationships) is fake! They are accusing her of using this relationship to make herself look better to Bravo fans, and make herself the center of season 10, yet her plan has quickly backfired, leaving her as a major outcast amongst the cast!

Kim ZolciakSheree Whitfield and Nene Leakes are the ring leaders in searching for the truth behind Kenya Moore’s shocking elopement earlier this year,” an insider confirmed.

We told you weeks ago that Kim and Kenya’s feud is worse than ever, and now that Kim has Nene and Sheree on her side, season 10 may finally be the end of Kenya’s time as a Real Housewife. “After Kim and Kenya got into a heated altercation at Nene Leakes’ house, Kim has made it her priority to find proof that Kenya’s wedding was just a publicity stunt instead of actual nuptials,” the source elaborated.

Continuing, “At a recent taping, the RHOA cast grilled Kenya about the details of her relationship and why she chose to wed after being single for so long,” the insider revealed. Explaining, “The group consensus is that her marriage was never recorded and that she does not have a wedding license. Kenya feels the entire ordeal was instigated by Kim in retaliation for their blow-up at Sheree’s housewarming party last year, where she took shots at her husband, Kroy.

Kenya’s on-again/off-again friendship with Nene Leakes is definitely OFF-again, which she wasn’t expecting going into season 10; allegedly she thought the OG’s return would work in her favor, but it’s proving to be the opposite!

Furthermore, “Kenya confronted Nene, who did not come to her defense regarding the rumors, causing a rift between the two,” the insider teased.

The source also noted that “Nene has made it very clear this season she is not tolerating anyone who steps out of line with her during filming. Thus far, she’s had intense spats with both Kenya and Porsha,” the RHOA insider wrapped.

As of now, it appears that Cynthia Bailey is siding with Nene because the two have been photographed all over the country partying together and flaunting their friendship for the world to see; this must be infuriating Kenya even more!

It’s pretty clear that Kenya’s marriage is another attempt to stay relevant and make her the center of attention for RHOA season 10, but this can not be the type of attention she was hoping for. She is on a show called The REAL housewives of Atlanta, yet nothing she does is REAL; it’s time for Kenya to go, and hopefully, Nene is the one to seal her RHOA fate once and for all.

Bravo fans have had enough of the fakery, especially coming from the A-T-L; at this point, Kenya’s hypocritical antics may have us missing Phaedra Parks by the time season 10 ends; okay, that may be a bit extreme, but all she does is lie and manipulate reality. Sorry Miss USA, because you couldn’t be more desperate for a man, fame, or friends at this point; it’s time for Kenya to get off of Bravo and head over to WE TV for her last 15 minutes of fame, although I’m not sure that Marriage Boot Camp accepts fake relationships! She really may have nowhere to go once

Sorry Miss USA, but you couldn’t be more desperate for a man, fame, or friends at this point; it’s time for Kenya to get off of Bravo and head over to WE TV for her last 15 minutes of fame, although I’m not sure that Marriage Boot Camp accepts fake relationships! She really may have nowhere to go once RHOA season 10 is over; thank you Kim, Nene, and Sheree for exposing this fraud once and for all!

Clearly Bravo made the right decision in bringing back Kim and Nene for season 10; they know how to bring it and are ready to take down anyone who’s tarnishing the franchise that they worked so hard to build up over the past decade. In the words of Porsha Williams, “Bye Ashy!

Thoughts on Kenya’s marriage? Is it fake? Are you shocked by rumors it’s all for a storyline? Should Kenya be fired for faking her life for a storyline? Are you over the lying and scheming from Kenya? Are you glad Kim and Nene are exposing her once and for all? Will this be her last season? Are you glad that Kenya’s getting what she deserves? Is she discrediting RHOA even more than Phaedra did last season? Are you excited for RHOA season 10?


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