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Chris Laurita Found Liable For Fraud in Bankruptcy Case! Plus the Laurita’s Franklin Lakes Home Is Back In Foreclosure!

August isn’t turning out to be a great month for the Laurita clan.

The former Real Housewives of New Jersey family keeps getting hit with all sorts of bad news.

Recently the Laurita’s re-listed their Franklin Lakes home and dropped the asking price to $2.3m AFTER their home fell back into foreclosure.

It was just last summer that Jacqueline and Chris had dug their home out of foreclosure, but it seems they couldn’t make it last with their mounting financial issues.

On top of that, Chris was found liable for nine counts of fraud just this past Thursday.

However, Jacqueline and Chris’ financial and legal issues began in 2009 when Chris’company Signature Apparel filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

Shortly after the reality TV couple was accused of stealing millions from their failing company, Signature Apparel, to fund their lavish lifestyle.

Later in 2009, Jacqueline and Chris were charged with knowingly defrauding their creditors. The trustees of the case served the couple with a $7.8 million lawsuit to get back any money they could.

Finally, Signature Apparel’s creditors got justice when a Bankruptcy judge found Chris and his company Iconix  “jointly and severally liable for fraud” and “negligent misrepresentation.”

Chris was also found guilty of “breaching of fiduciary duties” and “tortious interference.” On top of that Chris has to repay $1.8m to Signature Apparel Group.

From the looks of the Laurita’s financial troubles are far from being done. The couple is still accused of owing $290,000 to their former Bankruptcy attorneys.

If that weren’t bad enough, Jacqueline also owes $390,000 in back taxes from 2016.

Karma’s a bitch. Jacqueline was so vocal about Teresa’s fraud and bankruptcy cases meanwhile she had her own dirty laundry. It’s clear to me that Jacqueline tried desperately to hide her and Chris’ legal issues and fraud. I’m curious if Chris will go to jail for his crimes or if he will only have to pay restitution. Perhaps Jacqueline should rethink calling Teresa a criminal and pointing the finger when she and Chris aren’t exactly angels. To wrap up, I’m going to be blunt – Chris and Jacqueline are just as guilty as Teresa and Joe were. Fraud is fraud. People need to stop trying to live above their means and show off material wealth. All of this fraud stems from greed if you ask me. If you got it flaunt if you don’t work your ass until you do then flaunt the hell out of it if you want.

Are you surprised Chris was found guilty? Do you think Chris will go to jail? Will the Laurita’s lose their home? Is the Laurita’s case entirely different from the Guidice’s? Or is all fraud the same? Was it wrong of Jacqueline to scrutinize Teresa and Joe for their crimes when she and Chris were guilty of the same? What do you think Chris and Jacqueline will do next? Do you see Jacqueline returning to RHONJ for a paycheck?

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