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Family Members Come To Peggy Sulahian’s Defense Against Homophobic Accusations!

Peggy Sulahian’s time on RHOC has been tainted since the beginning because very early in the season claims that she is homophobic have ruined not only her shot at a fan base, but even her relationship with Andy Cohen before they’ve officially met in person!

We all know the story by now, and we’ve been keeping you up to date on the rumors that Peggy refused to allow her brother and his partner inside of her father’s funeral, citing his sexual orientation as the reason behind their feud. This story even caught the attention of other housewives, including one of Bravo’s finest Lisa Vanderpump. The LGBT advocate went on the record and slammed the RHOC newbie for being homophobic and alienating her brother; this isn’t the type of negative attention anyone would ask for! LVP has a ton of connections and famous friends, so getting on her bad side is not a good idea!

Peggy’s refusal to speak out on the rumors have fueled the fire even more and made her seem extremely guilty. She finally addressed the negative press, by stating that she wouldn’t be speaking about this private family matter; this outraged haters even more, and is keeping this story alive at the expense of her reputation!

Now, according to IRealHousewives, a family member close to the situation is coming to Peggy’s defense and discrediting reports that she is homophobic. Even more, the Sulahian source is blaming her brother for starting the longtime family fight, which is the real reason that he wasn’t welcome at the funeral!

It’s a shame they are still trying to protect her brother,” the insider revealed, referring to Peggys silence on the situation. Clarifying that the funeral stories are all lies, and insisting that her brother was not alienated because he is gay!

The source went on to allege that Peggy’s brother Pol’ Atteu and his partner Patrik Simpson are attempting to “latch on the Sulahians fame” that they quickly attained from her role on RHOC!

Apparent, y Peggy, Diko, and the rest of their family “could care less” about her brother’s sexual orientation or his gay lifestyle. Adding that they, “have many gay friends!

So what’s really behind the bad blood; money of course! The insider divulged, “her brother cheated them out of money and that’s why they don’t talk to him, not because he’s gay.

Even more, the source asserted that Peggy didn’t make a guest list for the funeral, nor was she in charge of who could, or couldn’t come to pay their final respects to her father; Pol’ is on bad terms with the entire family because of his scheming!

Pol has a history of ripping people off. His entire family including uncles and aunts don’t speak to him because of this,” the Sulihain insider wrapped.

It turns out that Peggy’s brother and his partner have a history of scamming people out of money, so starting these homophobic rumors were their way of getting to Peggy; these accusations don’t only affect Peggy, but her children, husband Diko, and their business as well!

Peggy doesn’t want to air her family’s dirty laundry, but she’s only hurting herself by keeping quiet; it’s time for her to start spilling before the situation gets even worse!

Thoughts on the rumors that Peggy’s homophobic? Do you believe them? Thoughts on her family members defense? Does it make sense that money is behind the feud? Should Peggy start spilling? Should she have been prepared that her brother would cause problems to hurt her fame? Will Andy call her out? Who do you believe?

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