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Luann Confesses Tom’s Infidelity Was ‘Over The Line’ During Explosive ‘RHONY’ Reunion

While Luann de Lesseps tried to make, it seem like she and Tom D’Agostino were happily married during the Real Housewives of New York reunion it quickly became visible that there was trouble in paradise.

In fact, Luann started off the reunion by claiming married life was “fantastic” and that she loved being “Mrs. D’Agostino” but her demeanor quickly changed when rumors of Tom’s infidelity arose.

Reunion host, Andy Cohen pulled no punches and asked Luann about all those cheating rumors. And Luann’s castmates couldn’t help but fill her and Andy in on all the things they’ve heard about Tom’s flirty shenanigans.

First Andy questioned Luann about Tom’s strange behavior in a clip where he compared wearing a wedding ring to a “dog with a collar.”

Luann admitted that Tom’s “humor is a little bit off.”

However, Andy didn’t stop there.

“Does it alarm you that Bethenny [Frankel] is saying that they [her costars] have all heard things since you’ve been married? Does that raise your antenna?” Cohen asked.

“Of course it does,” Luann responded.

“Let me ask you this, do you have an open relationship?” Andy pressed.

“No,” she insisted. “Not at all. I’m not interested in an open relationship. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be married.”

“If you found out that he had cheated on you, what would you do?” Andy questioned.

“I would definitely leave,” Luann explained.

Then things took a turn for the worse when Ramona Singer dropped a bombshell about Tom.

“He met a woman from Philadelphia, who was recently divorced, at the Regency Bar and he went up to the hotel room with her,” Ramona shared. “He said he had an open relationship with you…but nothing happened.”

Luann refused to believe Ramona’s tale forcing Bethenny to step in and back up Ramona.

“In all fairness, I don’t love her delivery, but her content seems to be true,” Bethenny said, revealing all the Housewives “have heard things” about Tom.

“We all are being respectful of the fact that they are married. We do hear things, but what the hell are we gonna do now?” she explained.

Luann then went onto make it clear she would “definitely leave” if Tom cheated; saying “You can push me so far, but once you push me over the line…”

However, Sonja Morgan quickly pointed out that Luann “stayed with Alex [de Lesseps] all those years” even though “he wasn’t faithful.”

Andy then added fuel to the fire and pointed out Tom’s shady behavior with his ex-girlfriend Missy at Tinsley Mortimer’s party.

If you don’t recall Tom told Missy he needed to turn his microphone off to talk with her.

Andy asked if that scene raised Luann’s suspicions especially since it came after Tom was seen “flirting with her and being a little suggestive with [Missy].”

“I wasn’t happy,” Luann admitted.

“He’s a very insecure man,” Ramona chimed in. “Whatever woman he’s with, he kind of goes across the boundaries of flirtation, just going a little too far.”

Bethenny also admitted she was shocked that Luann let so much of Tom’s bad behavior roll off her shoulders.

“You have an inhuman way about you where you have that Countess shield up,” Bethenny told Luann, “and like one of ten things that he’s ever said to you, I’d be crying in the bathroom.”

The Countess fired back saying,“Why do you think I stayed at the hotel last night? Okay?”

“I’m not going to change him at this point in his life. I can’t tell him not to go to the Regency,” Luann continued. “He’s a 50-year-old man, who’s lived his entire life a certain way as a bachelor. He has friends. I’m friends with [ex-boyfriend] Jacques [Azoulay].”

“You don’t make out with Jacques!” Bethenny shot back.

I feel like when the reunion was being filmed Luann was living in a land called delusional. Or perhaps she knew her marriage was over but couldn’t admit it yet. Either way, it’s sad. No woman deserves to be treated like this by the man she loves, and no woman should put up with being treated this way. I’m glad Luann and Tom are splitting because Luann can do so much better.

What did you think of part one of the RHONY reunion? Do you think Luann was trying to hide the cracks in her marriage? Could Luann have already known her marriage was over when she filmed the reunion? Was it right for Ramona and Bethenny to reveal the rumors they’ve heard about Tom? Are the RHONY looking out for Luann by questioning Tom’s behavior?

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