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Peggy Sulahian FINALLY Addresses Claims She’s Homophobic!

Image Source: Bravo

Peggy Sulahian started off her Real Housewives career on a high-note as she emerged on the scene as Bravo’s 100th Housewife, but she quickly fell from grace and became one of the most disliked Housewives in history.

Shortly after season 12 of the Real Housewives of Orange County premiered rumors surfaced that Peggy is homophobic.

To make matters worse, Peggy’s accuser is her gay brother and his long-time partner. Double ouch.

While the rumors and allegations surfaced weeks ago, Peggy chose to remain silent which only fueled the fire.

Now Peggy is FINALLY addressing the claims, well kind of, sort of.

At the very end of Peggy’s Bravo blog this week, she opens up about the allegations she’s homophobic.

Peggy makes it clear that she will not publically discuss the attacks against her but does say they are false and further claims she’s been “mischaracterized.”

“On another note, as I deal with the loss of my father and my health battle, I am choosing to focus on my family and on my own recovery and not on personal attacks against me,” Peggy wrote.

“I will not further engage in a public exchange with anyone, but it must be stated that the accusations against me are false and my actions have been grossly mischaracterized. Please know how much my family and I appreciate all of those who have stood by me and supported me. Your support is extremely appreciated, and my family and I are very grateful.”

However, could this be a case of too little, too late?

Peggy has seriously damaged her reputation and Housewives career by not addressing these rumors sooner.

And if Peggy thinks she can avoid talking about this when she comes face to face with Andy Cohen on WWHL or the RHOC reunion she has another thing coming.

I’m not a fan of Peggy. Initially, I had high hopes, and then these allegations turned my stomach. But it’s Peggy actual behavior on RHOC that really turns me off. I see Peggy as very phony and feel like she is interesting herself where she doesn’t belong.

Thoughts on Peggy’s comment? Do you think Peggy is homophobic? Has been Peggy been mischaracterized? Did Peggy hurt her Housewives career by not addressing these allegations sooner? Can Peggy avoid talking about this subject with Andy at the reunion or on WWHL? Do you think Andy and Bravo will force Peggy to address this topic at the reunion? Do you like Peggy? Is Peggy a good fit for RHOC?

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