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Jacqueline Laurita Claims She’s “Happy To Be On The Outside Of RHONJ” Yet Still Seems Obsessed With Teresa Giudice & Season 8!

We broke the news months ago that Jacqueline Laurita was demoted to a part-time housewife, so she instantly bailed and refused to take part in RHONJ season 8!

Allegedly producers knew this would upset her, and lead to Jac quitting the show once and for all; there were some rumors that she’d be back at the end of filming to “save the season,” but we know for sure that wasn’t the case!

Now Jacqueline is on the media circuit still trying to promote her book, “Get It,” so of course she took the time to slam RHONJ and claim she’s happy to be gone; given that was the Laurita’s only form of income for a while, we know she’s missing it at least a little!

They had given me a start date,” she began to Page Six. Recalling, “A couple days later they expressed concern that I wasn’t getting along with a few of the girls and they were like, ‘How’s this going to look authentic if you don’t want to be hanging out with each other?’

She has a hard time getting along with anyone on the show, and as an OG Jac’s had this problem for years; in fact, she’s been outed multiple times for previous fights with her husbands family and on-again/off-again friends!

Jacqueline continued, “They wanted me to come on and start filming part-time to see how the storyline unfolded and then [said they] maybe would make me full-time. They weren’t guaranteeing full-time, so for me to film all season long under all that stress and drama to not have a guaranteed full-time [spot] was not worth it for me, so I said no,” she explained.

During a book signing on Thursday night at an event hosted by the fitness app POPin, she made herself look even worse, by referencing Teresa Giudice for absolutely no reason. A RHONJ fan named Teresa gave Jac her name while she was signing her book, and Jac quickly remarked, “I know a few Teresas.

It’s a bit confusing but according to the article, Get It was released in May, yet it came out at least a year ago, although our team thinks it’s more. She was asked about why the RHONJ cameras never promoted her book or even captured some of her journey to publication; her answer doesn’t explain anything, but whatever she wants to believe or try to claim is fine by us!

You can only promote so many books on the show, you know,” she asserted.

Although Jacqueline was feuding with Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania at one time or another, she stands firm that there are “no hard feelings” towards her friends, whom she coincidentally introduced to RHONJ last season!

I still talk to Siggy and Dolores all the time, that friendship will never change,” Jac revealed. While we don’t know the current extent of her friendship with Dolores, we know that she slammed Siggy in a jealous rage just a few months ago; they’ve made amends, but that friendship will never be what it was, so she definitely isn’t being 100% real about that!

Jac is so “happy to be on the outside” of the drama, that she even “feels bad” for Siggy and Dolores, after hearing all about this season’s drama. She was leaking information out to another site, and it became the reason that the RHONJ cast and crew is EXTRA tight-lipped right now; she definitely doesn’t know all the dirty details or she would have spilled on them a while ago.

She set the record straight on any appearances this season, and as we already confirmed she won’t appear at all, despite “being asked to show up at the local NJ events with the rest of the cast.All About The Truth was told multiple times that there is no truth to these rumors, but who knows exactly what producers have asked her to do for the sake of ratings!

Whenever there’s a full-cast event you know something’s going down,” she pointed out.

Jacqueline revealed she’s been dedicating a lot of time to her health and fitness, and swore that she loves working out, even though she seemed to hate it on RHONJ; she blames the cameras for her lack of enthusiasm or ability that we’ve seen a few times on Bravo.

Whenever they would have us work out on the show I’d hate that … so I’d always make a joke out of it [and] laugh it off,” she said.

Finally, Jacqueline tried to doubt Teresa’s passion for yoga and take credit for getting her involved; she even said that Teresa wouldn’t try it, although Jacqueline suggested it and invited her many, many times.

I used to always try to get her to do yoga but she wasn’t very flexible, but I guess while she was away she had some time. Now she loves it,” she wrapped!

Jacqueline’s PR team helping with the book is really out of the loop, and they sent us free, signed copies of the book back in the fall; if anyone is looking for a copy just shoot me an email or message on social media, I’m clearly not interested in her advice on anything!

Thoughts on Jacqueline’s interview? Do you believe she is happy to be off of the show? Do you believe she was responsible for the the RHONJ season 8 leak? Is she still close with Siggy and Dolores? Why is she still obsessed with Teresa? Do you think this was Bravo’s way of forcing her off of the show? Why is she trying to take credit for Teresa’s love of yoga? Would you be interested in reading her book?

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