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RHOBH Season 8 Filming Spotted; Who Was There & Was There Any Drama?!

RHOBH season 8 filming has been underway for over a month now and unfortunately for all of us, there haven’t been many details leaked on what we can expect from the dynamic 90210 cast!

We’ve been keeping you up to date on any and all casting rumors, and this season and as of now there is only one new name in the mix, Teddi Jo Mellencamp. She is the daughter of music legend John Cougar Mellencamp and has her own fitness blog, The blonde bombshell is married with two children and one step-child, but beyond that Teddi’s life is pretty much a mystery; fame is not something she is used to, but in a few months her life will become very different!

Teddi’s connection to the cast hasn’t been confirmed, but she has been spotted filming all over Beverly Hills and joined the cast on a trip to Vegas a few weeks ago. Whether she’s a friend or a full-time housewife is yet to be determined, but she does have some competition for Eileen Davidson’s diamond. Eileen announced she was leaving RHOBH last month and it’s unclear if this was because she was demoted, or if she was just done, but comments from Andy Cohen confirmed it was her choice to leave and she was not fired; it’s safe to assume that Eileen may pop up again in the future, because he was genuinely sad about her departure.

Speaking of bringing back former housewives, Camille Grammer is rumored to be returning as an official housewife, but that has not been confirmed by a reliable source at this point. What we do know is that we’ll see a whole new side to Camille, because her life has completely changed since she was first on the show.

Yesterday Camille and Teddi were spotted filming together and they were joined by the unlikely duo of Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna.

The foursome was at lunch, not dinner and the location isn’t known at this time. Clearly, they were all very focused on what Kyle had to say, and Teddi even looks a bit shocked! There are so many different theories as to what exactly is going on here, and while they didn’t cause a scene or act obnoxious in public, something about this tells me it wasn’t exactly a friendly lunch.

Several Twitter accounts have claimed that Kyle and Lisa Rinna are feuding this season and that it is very real and extremely heated; with that in mind, this could be a lunch to hash out lingering conflict, or an effort by Camille and Teddi to resolve their drama once and for all?

None of the women posted about the lunch, but Lisa Rinna did add the picture below to social media the night before; it’s a cryptic message implying that she’s against the crowd this season, which is most likely the fall-out from last season’s lies/exaggerations about Kim. With Eileen gone there’s a huge void in Rinna’s support system, especially up against Kyle.

Kyle and Rinna have been fighting on and off since Lisa joined the cast, but Lisa’s lies about Kim Richards last season may have been the final blow to their friendship. We’ll keep you updated on any further details regarding drama of the rich and fabulous RHOBH season 8 cast; for now, we just have to sit back and speculate!

Are you excited for RHOBH season 8? Do you know anything about Teddi or her family? Are you intrigued to learn more? Thoughts on Camille returning as a full-time housewife? Will Teddi also be full-time? Do you believe that Rinna and Kyle feuding right now? Could their friendship be done for good after last season? Does this appear to be a friendly lunch or a dramatic sit-down? Whose side are you on, Kyle or Rinna? Any seaason 8 predictions? Let’s Discuss!

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