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Lydia McLaughlin Insists She Didn’t Actually Witness Peggy Sulahian’s Mouth Grab & Calls Out Meghan King Edmonds For Recent Social Media Shade!

RHOC had taken a dark turn two years in a row, so producers brought back very quirky Lydia McLaughlin to lighten the mood and bring the laughs back to Orange County!

What they didn’t expect was for Lydia to stir the pot and bring the drama as well, but so far she’s been able to make us laugh and cause some drama all within the same scene; it’s a new, refreshing side of Lydia and exactly what the franchise needed!

On Monday night’s RHOC we watched her and Doug give their young sons a sex talk that was extremely uncomfortable to watch, and in this week’s Bravo Blog she defended their decision to have that conversation, even though the boys are still too young to understand; she made sure to add that this was the first of many times this conversation will take place in their family. (Let’s just hope it’s the only one that is captured by the Bravo cameras.)

Lydia only touched on the Sulahian’s Lamborgini party and insisted that she didn’t actually witness Peggy close Meghan’s mouth, despite standing next to her. However she teased that she hears all about it (multiple times) following the party, so we can assume that Peggy and Meghan’s season-long drama starts from this incident. Finally, she called out Meghan for all the shade she’s been throwing Lydia’s way on social media, and revealed that she had always liked Meghan and actually thinks they are extremely similar!

Aloha! We took our whole family to Hawaii and even brought my mother! The boys had so much fun and it was a great get away for our whole family. We had been working so hard on NOBLEMAN that we needed time with our little clan to just enjoy one another and play.

Our older boys had talked about “sexy lady” the week before and so Doug and I knew that we needed to have a conversation with them about sex. Of course it’s uncomfortable, but we believe it is good to communicate, and I want my boys to feel comfortable to talk about everything with us. We believe teaching kids about sex involves not just one conversation, but a series of ongoing conversations…some formal, some informal. Hawaii seemed like a perfect (and memorable) time to have a talk. Of course, as they get older, the conversation will continue and grow as they grow.

While I’m on the topic of sex…the decision to have a vasectomy is a big one. I tend to joke around and make light of things in life and that definitely comes across at the dinner with a Doug. We have always wanted a little girl, but at the same time we feel our family is complete with three boys. It is sad to think that desire will never be met. I am very grateful I have a man who is open to talk with me about these decisions and journey through life with me.

The Lamborghini event with Peggy and Diko was the first time I met Meghan and Jim. They both seemed very nice and I left excited to get to know Meghan better. Even though I was standing right next to her, I missed the moment where Peggy closed Meghan’s mouth. I may not of seen it, but I definitely hear about it later!

I think Meghan and I are similar in the way that we like to talk things through and have a healthy view of conflict and resolution. I was sad to read in her past blogs and social media that she was putting me down for bringing up Vicki to Shannon. That is exactly what she is doing at Peggy’s event to Vicki, and I think at the heart of the issue, is that her intention is good. I liked seeing the flashbacks of all the times Vicki has apologized, and I have hope that these friendships can be restored.

Lydia didn’t play a big role her first season as a housewife, and clearly, she left on good terms because she’s back as the center of the season; at least it appears that way right now! RHOC was in a rut and while she’s not “making” the season it’s nice to have a fresh, young perspective on the show. If she and Meghan are currently at odds, I’m going to have to side with Lydia on this one, but I think she needs to be prepared for the housewife social media antics because it’s only going to get worse as the season goes on!

Thoughts on Lydia’s blog? Did you think her sons were too young for a sex talk? Do you think it’s weird that they allowed cameras there for that discussion? Thoughts on Doug? Do you believe Lydia didn’t see Peggy grab Meghan’s mouth? Did you already predict this to be made into a big deal this season? Do you agree that Meghan and Lydia are similar? Whose side are you on? Do you like Lydia? Is she bringing something new and refreshing to RHOC?

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