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Peggy Sulahian’s ‘Heartbroken’ Gay Brother SLAMS ‘Homophobic’ Sister

Peggy Sulahian may be reveling in the spotlight since joining the Real Housewives of Orange County but with the good comes the bad.

The RHOC newbie has been publicly accused of being homophobic but has maintained her silence over shocking allegations.

Peggy is accused of banning her gay brother Pol’ Atteu from their father’s funeral all because of his sexuality.

However, now Peggy’s brother is speaking out and is confirming reports that his sister turned her back on him due to his sexual orientation.

“I love my sister and I always will. But I am heartbroken over what she has done,” said Pol’, who is engaged to his partner of 16 years.

“She deleted me out of her life, and she is preventing me from having any sort of relationship with her children even though I am their uncle.”
While several family members have accused Peggy of being “extremely homophobic” over her attempts to ban her brother and his partner from her fathers funeral but Pol’ says their family feud started long before that.
Pol’ claims that he has been estranged from Peggy since he came out over two decades ago.

“Peggy did not let me know that my father was dying and I was never able to say goodbye to him,” Pol’ explained, saying that his dad knew and accepted that he was a homosexual.

“She stole that moment from me and I am still devastated over it!”

As previously stated Peggy nor her reps are responding to any of these claims at the moment.

I heard about these claims at the beginning on the season but wasn’t sure how valid they were but it seems more and more people are coming out of the woodwork and making the same claims over and over again. If these claims are untrue why isn’t Peggy defending herself or shutting down the claims? I hope Andy bring this up at the reunion. These claims make me not even want to give Peggy a chance on RHOC.

Thoughts on these claims against Peggy? Do you think Peggy is homophobic? Why do you think Peggy hasn’t responded to the claims against her? Do these claims change your opinion of Peggy? Does Peggy need to get the boot from RHOC over claims she’s homophobic?

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