Don’t Be Tardy Kim Zolciak Biermann

Kim Zolciak- Biermann’s Chef Defends Her Family; Says They All Have “Pure True Hearts”

Over the weekend Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her family came under scrutiny for sharing videos of the three dogs their family is fostering.

After watching the videos, some worried about the safety and welfare of the dogs and reported the family to animal control.

Kim revealed on Sunday that animal control was sent to her house to investigate the living conditions of the dogs but in the end found that everything was A-okay.

While the incident angered Kim and her family it also struck a chord with the family’s chef Tracy Bloom, who took to social media to defend them.

“This is my family. Minus a few kids This is not only my TV family, but it is a family that has welcomed me into their hearts. They give me tons of stuff. They take me on family vacations & gift me w/ things so great I can’t even emotionally handle it. They don’t post pictures of cute puppies for likes they have plenty of cute kids for that. For years I’ve watched people make nasty comments abt their children that are too young to defend themselves We’ve all grown tough skin because that’s just 1 of the negatives that comes w/ being in the spotlight & sharing your life on television,” Tracy wrote.

Adding, “Today was especially upsetting because a stranger, a lurker a hater a judger & perhaps even a “fan,” thought they should call animal services on my family because they felt that by viewing a post on Snapchat that their animals were being mistreated. Animal services were not there long after seeing the impeccable conditions that the dogs were in. Kim has become an advocate for #animalrescue & #adoptdontshop she has brought awareness to millions of people. I witness their pure, true hearts on a daily basis.”

After their son was bitten by a dog and almost lost his sight they immediately called on experts to re introduce animals into his life. He loves dogs. They were not left scorned by what an animal did. They continued w/ their rescue efforts. Even while on vacation they made 2 stray sick dogs part of their family & making sure they were cared for long after we left. They have not Instagrammed their balance sheet of good deeds bc they don’t need to. But I’m glad to air that laundry. Personally, they’ve donated dozens of crates hundreds of pounds of dog food and thousands of dollars to dogs they’ve never even met. Recently 3 very sick dogs needed a foster & they stepped up even creating an IG page just for them. Those 3 pups have experienced more love and attention that most of us will get in a lifetime. It’s shameful that someone who thinks they know something or maybe someone just wants to throw hate. I hope you realize that you have a great impact on furthering animal rescue. After all, that’s what you wanted right? I don’t know what Kim will do w/ her social media,” Tracy wrapped up.

I have to say that while I don’t always agree with everything Kim and her family do I think this whole thing is ridiculous. The fact that someone called animal control on them is insane. I don’t believe for a second that Kim and her family would neglect their animals.

Thoughts on Tracy’s post? Does Kim’s family need to be defended? Are people too critical of Kim and her family? Was Kim’s family unfairly targeted? Should Kim stop posting about the dogs on her social media accounts?

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