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AATRH Exclusive: Siggy Flicker Talks Season 8 of RHONJ; Says “I Will Never Start the Fight, But I Will END It!”

Siggy Flicker recently officially announced her return to the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

During Siggy’s announcement, she gave fans a teeny-tiny hint at what they can expect during season 8.

Now, Siggy is spilling some exclusive season 8 insight to AATRH.

AATRH has been giving you tidbits of the season 8 drama and dirt since filming began earlier this year.

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First thing Siggy tell us is, “This season is going rock! I am beyond excited.”

But that doesn’t mean it’s all rainbows and butterflies – believe me there’s PLENTY of drama!

One thing Siggy wants to make crystal clear is that she WASN’T hired to be a relationship expert on RHONJ and that her career has nothing to do with her actions and behavior on the show.

“My profession has nothing to do with the show. Andy Cohen is a talk show host. When he gets together with friends for dinner, do they expect him to host dinner? No. He shows up to dinner, and all he has to be is Andy Cohen, their friend,” Siggy explains. “I wasn’t hired by Bravo for this show to be anyone’s relationship expert? I was hired to be Siggy Flicker, and that’s all I want to be.”

Adding, “What does being a Relationship Expert have to do with defending yourself with someone who has no social compass and attacks you over and over again.”

However, one thing you can expect from Siggy this season is being REAL.

“When you look up REAL in the dictionary there should be a picture of SIGGY FLICKER. I have gotten in trouble in the past for being too truthful & real,” Siggy says. “One always knows where they stand with me. If I like you, you will know it and if I don’t like you, you will def know that too!”

“AND YES!!!! I cry in almost every episode, and that will never stop.  I would never want to change what I love the most about me & that is compassion. I am a compassionate person, and I LOVE IT!!!!! More people should consider other people’s feeling and this world would be a better place to live!”

Siggy also opens up about how season 8 differs from season 7 for her.

“Last season the fighting was between my friends, and I wanted desperately to bring them back together. This season, I am being attacked over and over again & as a Relationship Expert I would never give anyone advice to lay down like a chicken and take abuse,” Siggy says. “I tell my clients to stand tall and fight back, and that is exactly what I did. I am no shrinking violet & I defend myself and very proud of it!”

As for the season 8 cast and drama, Siggy hints about toxic people and cast members she can’t stand. If you’ve read our exclusives, you can basically fill in the blanks – wink, wink!

“These girls who were cast on the show are not my lifelong friends. I do have authentic relationships with a few of the girls on this show who I love & adore but others on the show….. I don’t care if I ever see them again.”

“I don’t and never would ask you or any of my friends not to be friends with someone I don’t get along with. It’s all about CHEMISTRY. If my chemistry doesn’t work with someone, it doesn’t mean that your chemistry won’t work with that particular person. I love it when people get along. I just don’t surround myself with TOXIC people and when they present themselves I turn around unless I am forced to film with them.”

In the end, Siggy hints that while you won’t see her starting drama, she’ll most certainly finish it!

“I have been helping people my whole life & I practice what I preach.  I am so proud of this season. I stand up for my principles, and I don’t back down. I have integrity, heart, and soul and I will never apologize or back down to anyone! I am a leader and not a follower,” Siggy warns.

“You come at me; I am coming back at you with everything I got! I will never start the fight, but I will END it,” Siggy says wrapping up.

Love my girl Siggy! I can’t wait for season 8 to start! I think we are in for some pretty crazy drama in Jersey this year!

Remember to stay glued to AATRH for all your exclusive RHONJ scoop!

Thoughts on Siggy’s claims? Are you excited for season 8 of RHONJ? Do you think we will see another side of Siggy this year? Who do you think Siggy will feud with the most during season 8? Which RHONJ do you think are”toxic?”

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