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Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley Say They Are Certain Eddie Judge Is Gay; Plus Claim Tamra Is “Manufacturing A Relationship For Television”

Desperate much?

The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s favorite has-beens Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley are back again to stir the pot.

The perpetually engaged couple appeared on The Tomorrow Show and wasted no time slamming Tamra Judge and her husband Eddie; claiming that they are confident Eddie is gay.

Gretchen explains why she believes the rumors questioning Eddie’s sexuality are true.

“We were filming; there was something that was said about, uh, Eddie at the table. Somebody brought up a situation that they walked into, and I simply asked the question, ‘wow, well do you know if Eddie’s gay or not?’ I asked a question based off of the information that was being given to me. I wasn’t there to try and call Tamra out or try and call Eddie out. It was nothing like that. And quite frankly, whatever their deal is, is between them,” Gretchen says“And I, it’s like, if I wanted really to out that, I could have done that a long time ago. It surprised me the story that I heard in that moment because I hadn’t heard that story before, and I was like, ‘wow like that’s pretty, pretty interesting.’”

Slade jumps in adding,“The truth is, is that nobody cares whether Eddie is gay, isn’t gay. I think what people care about is that Tamra could potentially be lying about it, and she’s manufacturing, you know, in our opinion, she’s manufacturing a relationship for television.”

In fact, Gretchen claims that if people knew what she knows they would believe the rumors that Eddie is gay as well.

“The story that was told to us, it would make any of you sitting here go, ‘wait a minute, so is he gay or is he like; is he intimate? Is he not?’ Like, it would make any of you question that,” Gretchen says.

Slade further bashed Tamra by claiming she’s a faux Christian.

“She’s so two-faced and knows how to manipulate everyone, and her policy is ‘lie, lie, lie and eventually everyone will start to believe you’…Everything that we see her do is so pre-meditated: ‘I’m gonna become Christian, who would dare question my religion? Christians are stupid, and they’ll follow me. And if I just tell everyone that I’m Christian, Christian, Christian, eventually they’ll believe me’.”

I just can’t with Gretchen and Slade. Ugh, these two will do and say anything to stay in the spotlight. I don’t believe the rumors about Eddie’s sexuality and nor do I care. I don’t give a shit if Eddie’s straight, gay, bi, or whatever – it’s his business. I don’t think Tamra would marry a gay man just for a TV show.

Thoughts on Slade and Gretchen’s interview? Are you buying Gretchen and Slade’s claims? What do you think about Eddie’s sexuality? Would Tamra manufacture her relationship with Eddie for TV? Could there be truth to the rumors about Eddie’s sexuality? Does Tamra just lie, lie, lie?

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