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AATRH Exclusive: Will Season 8 of RHONJ Be Delayed; Plus Was A Key Player Fired? (UPDATE)

Late last night and I mean late – we’re talking 11:30 pm a terrifying tweet caught everyone’s eyes; making many go WTF.

Fans are impatiently waiting for season 8 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, so any new news about the franchise causes an instantaneous firestorm and this tweet only fueled the fire.

The site Faux Reality really stirred the reality TV pot with one of their tweets; leaving many flabbergasted and confused.

“#RHONJ will be delayed from original air date. A key player was FIRED in a bombshell shake up,” Faux Reality tweeted.

This tweet made all of our heads spin, and everyone with RHONJ sources scrambled to get the 411.

Thankfully Jenna and I were up podcasting and caught wind of the tweet and immediately got to work reaching out to sources.

We spoke to TWO RHONJ sources who called the tweet completely false.

“What?? Not true at all. Why would anyone say this?” one source told us.

While our other source merely confirmed there was no truth to the tweet and questioned where the rumor originated from.

So, from what AATRH knows NOW, at 4:05 am, this rumor is nothing but #FAKENEWS.

I also want to point out that we are not calling out Faux Reality and saying they made up the information we are just saying that our RHONJ sources are denying the claim and that’s the information we are running with.

To be honest, this rumor is insane, and I feel like there’s so much more behind it. But all we can do is speculate until we know more. I can’t imagine who would be fired on RHONJ and why Bravo would do this before the season has even started. Plus what would delaying season 8 do? Everything is filmed and in editing – makes no sense. I mean it’s not like Bravo is going to scrap the entire season and start fresh. My head it still spinning from the tweet like everyone else.

As always stick with AATRH and we will give you the #TRUTH! Stay tuned for more on this developing story.


UPDATE 7/9/17:

According to Faux Reality, the person who was fired from RHONJ was part of the production team and worked for Sirens who produces RHONJ and other reality shows. Faux’s sources also claim that this may cause season 8 to be delayed until October 4th.

AATRH sources have yet to confirm or deny these allegations.

I want clear some things up and move on because all the drama around this post is rediculous.

Our site has been called “thirsty,” “inaccurate,” and so much more over this story.

So, this is our side of things and how we stand concerning the claims against us.

Faux Reality’s initial tweet went out at 10:57 pm on July 6, Jenna and I saw it around 11:30 pm when everyone on Twitter was freaking out about it. At the time we actually couldn’t see Faux’s tweet and saw it through someone who we follow that re-tweeted it.

Initially, like everyone else we thought the tweet was referring to a Housewife being fired – not a Sirens, production person. If the initial tweet was more explicit, perhaps a whole lot of confusion could have been avoided, but then again that wouldn’t have gotten people as interested and hyped up. Maybe that was the plan all along? No clue.

Right away Jenna and I went into crazy mode trying to find out everything we could. We contacted probably 4-5 of our best RHONJ sources, and we asked them about the tweet specifically. They ALL said the tweet was wrong and not true – again to clarify our sources also interpreted the tweet to be talking about an RHONJ cast member, not a Sirens, production employee.

Here are some tweets that show we weren’t the only ones who thought this way.

So, believing the tweet was the full story and no more information was coming I wrote the above post based on the tweet and what our sources told us. We had no idea Faux had more information and like I wrote above we were only clarifying what we knew at the time.

Just as a sidenote Faux, didn’t straighten out their initial tweet until almost 1:00 pm on July 7 and didn’t post their “exclusive” until nearly 24 hours after their original tweet. So how would we suppose to know there was more to the story since their first tweet was so vague.

And to further clarify we NEVER tried to beat Faux to their own exclusive and fuck up their story – we went off the initial tweet and what our sources said about it plain and simple.

So, I think it’s easy to see that there was some confusion over the original tweet and what proceeded after.

This site doesn’t want any BAD BLOOD there’s already enough of that in the blogging community. Congrats to Faux on their exclusive.

I think we all can agree that we are excited for RHONJ and would like it to premiere sooner rather than later.

Let’s move on be and done with it all. I’m ready for some new drama and excited for the RHOC premiere this week.

Thoughts on the tweet? Do you believe this rumor? Why would Bravo fire a Housewife before the season starts? Who do you think the tweet could be referring to?

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