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AATRH Exclusive: Siggy Flicker Responds To Allegations Teresa Giudice Is Cheating On Joe!

There have been rumblings that Kim D has been spreading rumors about Teresa Giudice’s alleged infidelity for weeks now. But yesterday the news went viral and took the internet by storm.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Kim accused Teresa of having a 5-month long affair with a New Jersey businessman.

However, Kim didn’t stop there. She also encouraged Teresa to divorce her husband, Joe.

Meanwhile, Teresa denied Kim’s claim and let her lawyer James J. Leonard do all the talking.

Teresa “vehemently denies these allegations. They are 1,000 percent false and have been manufactured by attention-seeking lowlifes who have no moral compass,” James told Us Weekly. “The only man in Teresa’s life is Joe Giudice. Period. End of story.”

So, the AATRH team got to wondering what Siggy Flicker thought of the rumor.

Siggy just happens to be good friends with BOTH Kim D and Teresa. Talk about being in the middle!

I spoke with Siggy yesterday, and she made her opinion crystal clear.

“The rumors about Teresa cheating are hearsay and completely false,” Siggy explained. “1000% false.”

Siggy also made it clear that while she is friends with both Kim and Teresa, she never lets Kim badmouth Teresa in front of her.

“I always shut down Kim and defend Teresa and Melissa. I tell Kim enough is enough,” Siggy says. “I have to stand my ground with both ladies, but I can’t dump a friend just because another friend doesn’t like them.”

Adding, “Kim knows my position on and off camera and when Teresa and Melissa’s names come up, I say stop.”

In the end, Siggy says that despite what some may think she’s “not a weak person and wants nothing but to be a good friend to them all.”

My chat with Siggy was eye-opening. It’s pretty clear that Siggy may be friends with both Teresa and Kim D, but she’s got Teresa back 100%. I think we will see a much different side of Siggy for season 8 but with the same heart.

Thoughts on Siggy’s statements? Do you believe that we will see a different side of Siggy during season 8? Is it hard for Siggy to be friends with both Kim and Teresa? Should Kim stop putting Siggy in the middle of her beef with Teresa? Why do you think Kim continues to spread rumors about Teresa? Is Kim desperate for attention?

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