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Stassi Schroeder Admits Dating Has Only Gotten More Complicated Because Of Vanderpump Rules!

Many reality stars claim to have learned about themselves or benefited from watching themselves on reality TV, and we’ve already realized that time away from the show has definitely changed Bravolebrities for the better if they return to the show.

Stassi Schroeder is one of those stars, and yesterday we shared some of the dirt she spilled in regards to joining Vanderpump Rules, and what she actually thinks she does for a living, but there’s more from her recent Pacific Magazine interview!

I feel like I’ve been forced to recognize a lot of my faults,” Stassi said when asked what she’s most learned about from watching herself on TV.

Elaborating, “Like, seeing Season 1 – now I watch that and I’m like, “Who is that? Who was I?” I thought I knew everything. I really thought I had my whole life figured out. And the older I get, the more I realize I know less and I know nothing. So, it’s kind of like you’re forced to really see, like, wow, you’re a selfish person. How do you get better at that?

Dating isn’t easy for anyone, (you’d know that if you listen to our podcast, so check it out!) but Stassi’s greatest challenge when it comes to who she falls in love with is unique; she feels she’s being taken for granted by guys that want fame!

That is the hardest part about being on a reality show because I’m not attracted to men who want to be on a reality show. And my job requires for whoever I’m dating to be on it,” she asserted. Adding, “Say I meet somebody, and they’re super eager to be on it, I’m like, ‘Do you like me, or was this you just trying to get on something?’ But then, if I like somebody and they don’t want to be on it, then I get in trouble, and that hurts my job. Being on a reality show, you’re just exposed,” Stassi confessed.

Finally, she got candid on what it was like to leave, and then come back to Vanderpump Rules; We think that Stassi’s about to really make her comeback, and Patrick Meagher will seal the deal on her climbing her way of her rut!

I always say that I needed to leave. What’s great about our show, and, I think, what makes it so popular and special, is that we were a real group of friends who were dating each other — best friends — and we did everything together and worked together before we ever had a show. They didn’t have to cast us and tell us to be best friends and hang out. Because of that, while it makes our show really good and entertaining and real, it also makes it that much more painful. When you’re fighting, when things happen and go down, those are actually the people that you would call after a day of work. I’m actually fighting with my real friends or my boyfriends. That’s very real. And Season 3, I just felt like I couldn’t… too much had happened with my ex-boyfriend, and then with one of my best friends, and I didn’t know how to be myself there. I needed to take a break from it. Actually, the break only made me more appreciative of my job, because I love doing this and I miss my friends. And everybody makes mistakes,” Stassi wrapped.

Thoughts on Stassi’s interview? Are you surprised dating is complicated? Do you think guys use her to get on VPR? Are you excited she’s back with Patrick? Would you want to watch yourself on a reality show? Are you glad to hear her admit her faults? Do you like Vanderpump Rules? Are you glad she returned to the show?

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