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Eddie Cibrian Explains Why He Looked at Brandi Glanville’s Social Media; Plus Brandi Responds and Slams His Reasoning!

This is the story that NEVER ends.

It’s another round of he said, she said.

Both Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville are once again speaking out about each other’s most recent claims.

Brandi recently accused Eddie and his wife LeAnn Rimes of stalking her boyfriend Donald Friese’s social media accounts; claiming that LeAnn watched four of Friese’s SnapChat’s and then showed up at the same restaurant with Eddie and Brandi’s two sons.

Eddie denied this claim and initially said it was a coincidence they all would up at the same restaurant.

Now, Eddie admits to checking out Brandi and her boyfriend’s social media accounts and explains why he and LeAnn took such drastic measures.

“Brandi was very drunk and after already being at our table, started to come back again. Her boyfriend ‘ran interference’ and came to ask if she could take photos with the kids,” Cibrian told Us Weekly. “After witnessing Brandi’s behavior at the restaurant I was concerned about what pictures Brandi might post. We looked at their socials after we got home to make sure there was nothing of concern. That’s exactly how it all went down.”

In a previous statement, Eddie defended his wife and accused Brandi of making up stories to stay relevant in the press.

“I normally don’t respond to Brandi’s foolishness but I will not allow false and reverse accusations to go unanswered about my wife,” Cibrian told Us on June 10. “LeAnn is a fantastic stepmom to the boys and is always gracious to their mother. Having to put up with Brandi’s made up drama all the time is extremely frustrating. After eight years we should have one priority, making sure two incredible kids are loved and remain happy and healthy. But every couple of months there is another accusation coming from Brandi in an attempt to drum up drama to stay relevant.”

Adding, “LeAnn and I did not nor have we ever ‘shown up’ at places where Brandi will be. Why would we do that? Makes no sense. We had a reservation held at Nobu five days before Brandi posted she was going. Here is proof and if anyone needs more, call Nobu and they will confirm.”

However, Brandi isn’t buying anything that Eddie is saying and is fighting back against his claims.

“[Eddie’s] statement does not explain why LeAnn and her assistant were both viewing my boyfriend’s Snapchats prior to our arrival at the restaurant. At the moment we saw them at Nobu we questioned the timing and saw they had viewed the Snapchats prior. This happened while we were at the restaurant. He states he looked at them after he got home,” Brandi tells Us. “To justify your wife’s stalking of my boyfriend’s social media as you were ‘concerned’ as to what we might post seems a bit far-fetched.”

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star adds,“I am not interested in this back-and-forth game. I am asking for them to leave us alone and not monitor our lives through social media and other methods.”

I’m sorry but this whole situation is so ridiculous. I honestly don’t know who to believe. Eddie’s story seems pretty fishy to me. And it’s rumored that the text messages Eddie provided as “proof” were photoshopped. All of this seems pretty extreme to me. Why can’t Eddie and LeAnn leave Brandi alone and vice versa? The three of them all need to grow up and get along because it’s embarrassing especially for their children.

Thoughts on Brandi and Eddie’s latest claims? Do you believe Brandi or Eddie? Could both Brandi and Eddie be lying? Will Eddie, Brandi, and LeAnn ever get along?

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