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Ramona Singer ‘Was Drinking Like Crazy’ Before RHONY Rampage Caused Thousands of Dollars in Damage

Ramona Singer may have flown off the handle at her co-star Bethenny Frankel during last week’s Real Housewives of New York episode, but it’s what happened after that has landed Ramona in hot water.

Following Ramona and Bethenny’s showdown, Ramona allegedly caused extensive damage to one of the rooms in Dorinda’s Berkshires home when she removed temporary lighting fixtures off the wall ripping off portions of the wall’s paint with them.

“When I walked into that room and saw what she did, I wanted to cry,” Dorinda explained in the episode. “It was not even about the paint work. It’s like, this is my home — I love my home. Enough has been taken from me; now you’re going to do this to my home?”

Adding, “I don’t even get so much as an acknowledgment. She left, bed unmade, same old thing as if all’s well. Nothing. I mean, what does that say about our friendship. Does Ramona just treat me like this or does she treat all our friends like this?”

When Dorinda attempted to confront Ramona about the damage, Ramona quickly changed the subject to her fight with Bethenny.

However, sources say Dorinda’s beef with Ramona is far from over.

“Ramona just doesn’t take others into consideration and wrecked Dorinda’s home,” the insider tells PEOPLE. “It cost thousands of dollars to repair the room. There were extra lights set up in the film so the producers could film in the rooms, and instead of turning them off she just ripped them off the walls. The paint was peeled off — and it is not a cheap house. It has specific design styles and cost a fortune to take it back to what it was.”

“Dorinda is still not happy with her still, but they have to work together” the insider adds. “They are still pleasant to each other, but you don’t forget after disrespecting a home like that.”

The RHONY source goes on to question Ramona’s state of mind in the Berkshires, saying she “was drinking like crazy” and that “she’s always been volatile.”

Ramona acknowledged that she had too much drink before her showdown with Bethenny and admitted damaging Dorinda’s wall in her Bravo blog.

“As far as the paint coming off in the corners of the room, that happened because when I went to go to sleep that night everyone was already asleep,” Singer wrote. “My room was lit up like a football stadium at a night game because the lights from filming were all still up. I know that in the past the crew uses double-sided tape to put them up, so I just pulled them down. I guess I was stronger than I thought! Therefore, yes, the paint came off the wall.”

Ramona also attempted to spin the damage she inflicted telling fans “A little freshening up with a new coat of paint never hurt a room!”

Additionally, Ramona told Jenny McCarthy on her SiriusXM show that she apologized to Dorinda and that production paid for the damages.

“The production company has a huge insurance policy,” Ramona said. “She got a free paint job. Of course, it’s upsetting because no one wants to have their house damaged. But the good news is production fixed it, they paid for it, and the entire room got fixed like new.”

I thought the ceilings would look much worse, but it wasn’t that bad!” she added. “I’m not saying it wasn’t good, but I expect it to be much worse too.”

Luann de Lesseps took Dorinda’s side in her Bravo blog and urged Ramona to apologize.

“She was truly hurt by Ramona’s behavior and her destructiveness,” Luann wrote. “Ramona needs to apologize to Dorinda. But this time apologies might not be enough.”

I’m sorry Ramona is one rude bitch. The fact that she didn’t pay for the repairs to Dorinda’s home is ridiculous! Ramona is a so-called self-made woman who is a millionaire yet she can’t shell out the money to repair something she ruined? DISGUSTING! Ramona’s behavior this season has been gross and uncalled for. I’m over condescending and holier than thou attitude. Ramona’s past behavior has also been somewhat charming and funny, but it’s not anymore.

Do you think Ramona was drunk in the Berkshires? Was Ramona’s behavior in Berkshires disrespectful and rude? Is Ramona destructive? Can you believe Ramona didn’t pay to repair the damages she made to Dorinda’s home? Is Ramona’s friendship with Dorinda ruined? Can Dorinda and Ramona repair their friendship?

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