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Jacqueline Laurita Is Intent On Ruining Season 8 of RHONJ – Will Bravo Stop Her?!?!

Dear Bravo and Andy Cohen,

I’d like to take a minute just sit right there, and I’ll tell you how Jacqueline Laurita is intent on ruining season 8 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

I love you Bravo and Andy, and I love the Real Housewives, even more. I spend a good chunk of my life watching and writing about it – I’d call that love.

However, what I don’t like is when I see one former Real Housewife playing dirty because she’s no longer gracing our TV screens.

There have been many rumors/stories on certain blogs detailing all the dirty details of RHONJ’s eighth season and while fans love a good scoop things have gone too far.

While many have wondered who is behind the RHONJ leaks, it’s now clear that the culprit is none other than Jacqueline Laurita.

The below messages from Jacqueline were posted on Twitter. They show that Jacqueline’s spilling all the RHONJ tea she can and is making Bravo and RHONJ producers look foolish in the process.

Jacqueline’s intent on ruining season 8 of RHONJ and continues to reveal storylines and insider information to anyone who will listen.

The worst part is these messages from Jacqueline match the dirty details that have been spilled to certain blogs since filming began! If that isn’t dirty, I don’t know what is.

But that’s not all – Jacqueline’s actions may turn viewers away from RHONJ and prevent them from tuning in. Why would people watch if they believe they already know what’s going to happen or if they think the season is manipulated and fake?

Jacqueline’s actions could cause the hard work and dedication of the cast and producers to go down the drain.

It’s clear that Jacqueline has swallowed a bitter pill and can’t get over being kicked to the curb. And you know what? Misery loves company, so Jacqueline has no problem taking everyone else down with her.

So, Bravo and Andy, what do I want you to about this?

I hope you can shut Jacqueline down. Cut her off from knowing anything about RHONJ. Forbid the cast from talking to her about the show and stop current and former producers from giving her info. But more importantly, STOP reaching out to her for filming. Why would you want to have someone be part of a show she’s trying to sabotage? Producers have worked so hard to keep the season 8 storylines under wraps and Jacqueline is screwing it all up.

Fans, please retweet this story as much as you can and make sure you tag #RHONJ, Bravo, and Andy! Let’s make sure they know what Jacqueline has been up to! If she wants to play dirty – let’s show her what dirty REALLY looks like!

Thoughts on Jacqueline’s messages? Is Jacqueline intent on ruining season 8 of RHONJ? Is Jacqueline behind the RHONJ leaks? Can Bravo and Andy shut Jacqueline down? Sound off below!

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