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Phaedra Parks Claims Apollo Nida Is In Solitary Confinement & Addresses The Current State Of Their Divorce!

We’ve been keeping you up to date on the most confusing divorce in housewives history, and following Apollo’s latest attempt to contest their divorce, Phaedra Parks is speaking out.

In a recent interview with US Weekly she started at the beginning and addressed the allegations that her divorce is not final because of intentional errors on her part.

[The divorce] was finalized last year in July so of course that obviously made me assume that I had regained my independence and a new start,” Phaedra revealed. Adding, “So to be placed back into a position where I have to do it all over again … it’s disheartening but it’s a process and I can’t obviously change it.

Even more specifically, Phaedra stands firm that, “There was there was never any intention of keeping him out of the loop. Further claiming, “He was very active throughout the process.

Now the Nida divorce is back to square one costing both parties money and time; although Apollo has nothing but time for the next few years. “Of course it’s very frustrating, it’s very expensive, it’s very emotionally draining and quite time consuming,” she admitted.

Elaborating, “It’s a very difficult process and it’s unfortunate that it was overturned but it is what it is and so I’ll go through the process again and we’ll see what happens this time. Hopefully it won’t take as long as it did the first time.

So how are their young sons Dylan and Ayden doing? Phaedra weighed in, “When Apollo left. Dylan was barely a year old so he doesn’t really have the recollection of Apollo like Ayden has. Ayden of course has very fond memories of his father so he realizes that he’s in New Jersey, but as far as specifically, Apollo told them, but I don’t think they appreciate really what being incarcerated means, and of course because they are at such a tender age, that’s not something I’m really honing in on,” she explained.

Then she spilled that they haven’t had much contact with Apollo because, “he is in solitary confinement.” She noted that, “When he calls we answer.” (Clearly implying that he doesn’t call often.)

For now, Phaedra is looking towards the future and focusing on her family; even more, she’s planning another camp week for The Phaedra Foundation in Flint Michigan.

I’m actually going to take the boys with me to camp in Michigan because I want them to just see how other people live, and I want them to be able to appreciate overnight camp as well. We’ll camp out for a week with the Flint campers,” she revealed.

She’s definitely getting out of the ATL for the summer because that’s not all Phaedra and the boys have planned. She dished, “For about a week […] we’ll go to Utah this summer to visit some national parks there, and we’re going to go see the Grand Canyon and we’ll go to Florida as well,” she wrapped.

Don’t expect to see Phaedra in New Jersey this season; Apollo didn’t make the cut for their summer vacation!

Thoughts on Phaedra’s interview? Are you surprised Apollo is trying to drag this out? Do you think he should drop it for the sake of their sons? Do you think he’s really in solitary confinement? Do you believe he doesn’t call?

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