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Bravo Confirms They Were NOT Involved In Phaedra Parks’ Lies; Plus Is Kandi Burruss Taking Legal Action Against Phaedra?

Kandi Burruss is still reeling from the epic Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.

While Kandi is trying to move on; it’s clear that can’t forgive and forget so easy.

During a recent interview with V-103’s Ryan Cameron Morning Show with Wanda Smith, Kandi broke down the reunion drama and revealed if she has any plans to sue Phaedra Parks.

Kandi says rewatching the reunion episode was emotional and arduous.

“My eyes were tearing up while watching it; I just couldn’t believe that she would go that far. I knew we weren’t cool anymore but for her to make something up and say it to the girls and say it on national TV like that … like come on, I know we throw shade at each other, but this is a whole new low. You can’t just do that,” Kandi explained. “OK, you wanna tear down my businesses, you’re trying to come at me in a way where people won’t respect me anymore. Clearly, they [were)]just trying to say whatever to take me down.”

In fact, Kandi’s worst fear was that Phaedra’s accusations would ruin her businesses especially Bedroom Kandi.

“I was definitely worried because one of my businesses is Bedroom Kandi. People already wanna make sex look like it’s something negative anyway so if you participate in anything like drugging, people won’t’ want to have anything to do with you. … You had to make up something because you couldn’t find anything to really hurt me.”

Meanwhile, Kandi says Phaedra and Porsha purposely planned out revealing the rumor that Kandi tried to drug Porsha; claiming that they KNEW the day prior that Kandi and Porsha would be filming a dramatic sit-down.

“Just to be clear for everybody, the day that Porsha and I had the sit-down and were cussing each other out on the patio, we knew we were gonna have that sit-down. So she knew it was gonna be a bad conversation — so basically, y’all [Porsha and Phaedra] got together the day before you was [sic] gonna have to face me and she told you that I tried to drug you so that you could say this on national TV.”

Adding, “She told you that so you would try to come at me with this fake info on camera. Me and Porsha haven’t even been hanging together in the past year, so how you believe that? And me and Phaedra haven’t even talked, we’ve been on bad terms for the past few years.”

In the end, Kandi admits she is considering suing Phaedra for defamation and character assassination but says “lawsuits are stressful.”

“Yeah, I have thought about it. I have to talk to my attorneys and see how they feel I should handle the situation. They told me I should sue Porsha at first [but] when it came out at the reunion that Porsha got the information from Phaedra; I said let’s hold up until they see the whole thing and I’ll get their opinion on how I should handle it. Another thing, lawsuits are stressful. I’m already dealing with this lawsuit with Johnny [a former employee of Burruss’ whom Parks helped to secure legal counseling].”

As for claims producers TOLD Phaedra these lies about Kandi and urged her to spread them on the show, Bravo denies all claims saying,“Production is not involved.”

I hope Kandi sues the pants off Phaedra! Phaedra deserves everything she gets for spreading lies like that. Phaedra cannot take any accountability for anything, and I’m still baffled she tried to blame her lies on production. I hope Kandi can, but these horrible lies behind her and move on.

Thoughts on Kandi’s interview? Do you think Kandi’s reputation and businesses will be hurt by Phaedra’s lies? Should Kandi sue Phaedra? Do you think Phaedra and Porsha planned out revealing the rumor about Kandi?

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