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Jim and Amber Marchese Bash Dina Manzo Following Her Violent Home Invasion!

Following the news of Dina Manzo’s violent home invasion, you’d think her former Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars would rally around her. Well, think again.

Late Monday night, Jim and Amber Marchese went off on Twitter and bashed Dina Manzo; alluding that she got what she deserved.

“See my love @AmberNMarchese nothing good ever comes of #RHONJ as I said that show is #evil, and in the end, the devil comes for his dues…” Jim tweeted while sharing an article detailing Dina and David Cantin’s attack.

Not surprisingly, Dina’s daughter Lexi jumped in a told Jim off.

“You are a filthy human being. Grow a heart & have some compassion. Keep your arrogance to yourself,” Lexi tweeted.

However, Jim wasn’t done there. He came back at Lexi saying that he has no compassion for Dina or Dave because of what they’ve done to his friends.

In the past rumors had swirled that Dina met Dave when he was married to his now ex-wife and that Dave left his family to be with Dina. These rumors have never been addressed publicly by the couple, but the Marchese’s are more than happy to spread them around as fact.

“My heart bled before when Dina broke up a home; kids didn’t see dad for 1-year cause of Dina. Melissa cared for Dave with cancer, not Dina,” Jim tweeted.

Despite Jim’s attempts, Lexi wasn’t having any part of Jim spreading gossip about her mother and called out Jim’s juvenile behavior.

“As a grown man you’d think you’d have something better to do than gossip hate on Twitter,” Lexi tweeted. “It scares me that people like you raise children.”

James wasn’t finished there and then further went after Dina calling her a “gold digger.”

“I watched friends & kids have their lives shattered because of Dina’s gold digging. Stay out, or you might learn the truth about your mommy.”

Then Amber got involved and basically told Lexi to back down or else it would get worse. Cause it’s totally cool threatening a young girl half your age. Kudos Jim and Amber.

“Lexi, I think u better back down,” Amber tweeted. “I’m sorry 4 this hard time in ur life, but ur mother caused a lot of hurt amongst our friends.”

Amber then shot down claims that she harassed Lexi but instead argued that Lexi was out of “control” and tried to put the blame on her.

To add fuel to the fire Amber then defend Jim’s actions and words telling fans, “please know this is a very complex situation that we have nvr brought to public. I think Jim had a moment of weakness & posted his comment.”

However, the Marchese’s were done and went on to claim that Dina and Dave’s robbery isn’t what it seems; alluding that it may have been a setup.

Amber explains that the details of the robbery “don’t add up.”

The Marchese’s allege that it makes no sense for robbers to target Dina and Dave’s condo when there are “multi-million” dollar homes nearby, and Dina has no money.

As for Dina and Dave, their attorney, Andrew B. Brettler,  tells PEOPLE that they are “shaken up” but grateful to be okay.

“Dina and David are obviously shaken up from the traumatic and violent home invasion and robbery,” Andrew explains.“No one should ever have to go through what they did. They are grateful to law enforcement and the other emergency responders and appreciate everyone’s concern and well-wishes.”

I’ve never been a fan of the Marchese’s, but Amber has always seemed friendly. However, now I’m done with both of them. They are disgusting and vile. Who goes on the attack like this after two people were robbed and beaten? God forbid something like this happened to the Marchese’s – how would they feel if someone said things like this about them on Twitter? Jim and Amber should crawl back into their holes and stop vying for their 15 minutes of fame. Lexi had so much class and didn’t low blow Jim and Amber; she defended her mom and moved on. It’s funny when a 21-year-old has more common sense than a 40-something couple.

Thoughts on Jim and Amber’s tweets? Were Jim and Amber out of line? Was Lexi justified in defending her mom?

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