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AATRH Exclusive: The Truth Behind Teresa Giudice & Kim DePaola’s Explosive Fashion Show ShowDown!

Wednesday night was the annual Posche by Kim D. fashion show, and much to her liking, it was complete and utter chaos!

Over the past few days there have been many false stories circulating, so we’re setting the record straight on what REALLY went down that night. We’ve checked with multiple sources and witnesses at the event, and now we’ve got the truth as to what happened between the RHONJ cast, and those who are still desperate to be a part of it!

It’s important to remember that this fashion show was supposed to be a fundraiser to benefit the victims who lost their lives in a brutal murder that took place in Kim’s son’s car. However, the focus of the event’s promotional flyer was Dolores Catania, Siggy, and her daughter Sophie Flicker; you wouldn’t think that hostess of an event like this would focus on fame above the cause, but she did.

Sophie didn’t attend the event because of the anticipated fighting, and Siggy clearly made the right decision pulling her from the show.

We’re told that as soon as Teresa, Melissa, Danielle, and Margaret entered the second floor of the Waterside Restaurant, Kim set out to make a scene.

Kim completely ambushed Teresa, screaming and getting unnecessarily aggressive, a witness recalled. Teresa can hold her own. However Kim’s Posche Squad jumped right in, and suddenly she had a group of intense women screaming and pointing in her face!

Kim’s crew of young employees/friends got involved for absolutely no reason; they were acting like trash and embarrassing themselves and the store. They ran over from a different area of the room to defend Kim. Kim came at Teresa first; it was almost as if Kim and her girls had planned to ambush Teresa,” another witness explained. But clarified, “Danielle jumped in to support Teresa and started giving Kim a piece of her mind, and soon after the entire room was in chaos; Kim and her clique were getting extremely aggressive towards Teresa, Melissa, Margaret, and Danielle. It turned into a scary situation, to be honest, a source admitted.

It’s pretty obvious that Kim’s Posche Squad was showing off for the Bravo cameras, and it takes a special kind of thirsty to create such negative commotion at a charity event, especially one that’s represented by your business.

This confrontation took place on a separate floor than the fashion show and benefit, so while guests didn’t see exactly what was going down, they definitely heard it. Other sites claimed that Kim was busy helping the models get ready, and Teresa came after her, but we spoke to multiple sources that all insisted this was absolutely not true; in fact, Kim was waiting for Teresa to get there. The pictures below speaks for themselves, and were taken before the RHONJ cast arrived!

Multiple insiders also confirmed that Teresa planned on having very little contact with Kim since this was a charity event for a local tragedy. They are not in a good place right now, but Teresa still wanted to support and be respectful; unfortunately, the hostess had other plans.

A source spilled that Kim has been running her mouth non-stop about Teresa, and she crossed the line with her latest lies. “Teresa has been very upset because she heard that Kim was spreading rumors about her marriage once again, she’s obsessed with trying to break up Teresa and Joe! Kim accused Teresa of seeing another man, and these disgusting lies could severely affect her family,” an insider stressed. Adding, “Teresa is the busiest woman I know; between work events, filming, all of her girls’ activities, charity events, visiting Joe, and spending time with friends and family, her plate is full. Kim has nothing better to do than make up lies about Teresa and Joe; she needs to focus on her family and leave the Giudices alone,” the insider asserted.

After about 20-30 minutes of harassment by the Posche Squad, Teresa, Melissa, Danielle, and Margaret left. They intended to stay and support the Trashion Show, but after being verbally assaulted, it was best that they leave. Some sites claimed that Aaron Anderson’s mom was screaming at the RHONJ cast on their way out, but multiple witnesses say this is untrue. Aaron’s mom was very upset, but she wasn’t screaming, nor were her emotions aimed at Teresa, Melissa, Margaret, and Danielle; she was disappointed at the situation in general. She didn’t want any drama at an event that was supposed to honor her son; she wanted peace; evidently, she didn’t know that Kim loves to disrupt her own events for the Bravo cameras. The foursome was able to quickly say goodbye and express their condolences to Aaron’s mom on the way out, and she accepted and appreciated their kind words.

Kim shamelessly exploited this tragedy to gain exposure for herself and her store. Unfortunately, Teresa was her target, so of course it was all that anyone talked about the rest of the night, a source alleged.

While Teresa wasn’t directly connected to the victims Aaron Anderson and Antonio Vega Jr., her close friend and hairdresser was. As soon as their identities were confirmed, Teresa shared an online fundraiser and expressed her sympathies on social media; she genuinely wanted to support these families.

I got the chance to speak to Lucia Casazza, and she is more than just Teresa’s hairdresser, she’s one of her best friends. Lucia was super close with Aaron, who she used to call her, “big brother. She knew Aaron since they were both young and basically grew up together; his vicious murder devastated Lucia, and she was choked up just talking about the loss.

Unfortunately, Lucia had a previous work engagement and couldn’t attend the benefit, but she wanted to weigh in on the drama that over-shadowed the original intent of the night.

Teresa is not a disrespectful person, and she would never go to a charity event with the intention of fighting,” she began. Elaborating, “I’m especially upset because Kim wanted to host something in Aaron and Antonio’s honor, yet because of the cameras she disregarded the actual meaning of the event.

On Thursday Teresa was not feeling right about what happened, and even though she was able to speak to Aaron’s mom on the way out, she had more to say.

I facilitated a phone call between Teresa and Aaron’s mother, and it went well, Lucia revealed. Continuing, “Teresa apologized for the ordeal the night before, and explained what happened. Aaron’s mom was very understanding but did express her desire to stay neutral in the situation with Kim. Teresa also let her know that she has more items to donate on behalf of her and her daughters, so I am going to drop them off this week. The phone call ended on great terms, and both parties are now at peace, following an emotional night,” she wrapped.

What happened at the 2017 Posche Fashion Show was completely disrespectful to the cause that Kim claimed to be so distraught over. Her desire to stay relevant is disgraceful, and at this point, RHONJ fans see right through it. Instead of lying about other people’s families, Kim should focus on fixing her own; apparently, her son wasn’t even at an event to benefit his friends!

This feud is far from over, and with weeks left of filming, I’m sure Kim will find a way to stir up more drama.

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Thoughts on what really went down at the Posche fashion show? Did Kim D. ruin her own event for the sake of staying relevant? Did her Posche squad act out for the cameras? Was this a planned ambush on Teresa? Why does Kim keep making up rumors about Teresa’s marriage? Did the actual meaning of the benefit get overshadowed by the drama? Are you shocked Teresa spoke to Aaron’s mom the next day? Is Kim D. doing whatever she can to stay on Bravo? Would you shop at Posche? Whose side are you on? Let’s Discuss?

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