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Robyn Dixon Finally Admits Why She Won’t “Define” Her Relationship With Ex-Husband Juan!

Robyn Dixon’s unconventional relationship with her ex-husband Juan has her co-stars and RHOP fans very curious!

Robyn refuses to comment or explain their situation to anyone, and to be honest I sometimes forget they are divorced; they look great together, have obvious chemistry, and have a playful relationship! Beyond that, they appear respectful towards each other on camera, and this divorced couple has a better relationship than many married Bravolebrities!

Robyn recently confirmed to The Daily Dish that everyone else seems to care more than they do, because they have too much going on right now!

I think just with the move and having a lot going on and transitioning into another home, it was best just to focus on the stability of our family,” she began. Elaborating, “And I think we’re almost at a place where we’re good in that respect, when it comes to the stability. Juan’s career is progressing. I’m doing a lot of other things. Now the issue is not about stability and creating a home for our children. Now it could be like, ‘Oh, maybe we could have a little bit more time to spend together.’

After the trust was broken in their relationship Robyn took the time to forgive Juan, and now they just need to get to know each other again; as in, really get to know each other!

So now the goal is to spend more time together. I mean, it’s very interesting. I feel like we are happier, we get along a lot better than a lot of married couples, currently married couples,” she revealed. Adding, “So the issue is not really about do we like each other; it’s more about let’s make sure if we were to move forward, that we do it right this time and what does that mean. What would I want to see from him, which is kind of just being a little more hands-on around the house? How does he enhance my life or make my life better and stuff like that? We’re still trying to figure that out, but we’re not in a rush either. So we’ll see,” Robyn spilled.

While there has been a lot of speculation and interest in their relationship, Robyn also said that there’s also been a ton of back last over the way they’ve gone about handling their divorce!

I realize that the public, they don’t know the full story. They haven’t known us since we were 16 and they don’t know everything that we’ve experienced together,” Robyn defended.

She continued, “They don’t know how important a two-parent household is to me, because that’s how I was raised. They don’t know how much Juan wants to be a great father to his kids and he wants to be in their lives because he didn’t have that growing up. [There’s] a lot of backstory that people really don’t understand. And then I also understand if you’re looking at us on a TV screen, well, Juan’s not the most comfortable in front of the camera, so he might come off a certain way where people might read him differently than what he really is. I understand that everyone has their opinions, but they also don’t know the full story. So I don’t really put a lot of weight either way. I’ve got to live my life for me,” Robyn confessed.

Robyn has a major request for RHOP fans; please let them live their life the way that’s best for them!

Our relationship is a lot better than when we were married. We were very young. I consider 25 to be young to get married, at least nowadays. We were very young, and so there was a lot that we just maybe didn’t focus on or really stress the importance of,” she said. “And now that we’re a little bit older, we can look back on the mistakes that we made or things that we didn’t do. Our values are a lot different. I just think we’re in a better place as partners, I guess you would call us, and definitely have a lot more respect in what it is that we do and bring to the table as parents and everything,” she dished.

Robyn concluded by insisting that even though Juan has publicly expressed his desire to expand their family, she is done having kids!

I don’t. I really don’t. I used to want three [children]. My ideal situation was three kids, all a year-and-a-half apart. So I got the two [kids] a year-and-a-half apart. I was like, holy crap, I can’t do this again, because having two very young kids, like just imagine a toddler, an 18-month-old and a newborn, it just took the wind out of me for a while. I kind of lost track of my goals when it came to how many kids I wanted and what ages I wanted them and all that type of stuff. And now, just as I’m getting older, my kids are more self-sufficient and I just can’t imagine myself going back to the little baby stage. I don’t think it’s in the cards for me,” Robyn wrapped.

Thoughts on Robyn’s interview? Do you sometimes forget she and Juan are divorced? Do they seem happy? Will they get back together? Do you like Robyn? Do you respect they downsized and are living in their means? Do you think he is seeing other women?

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