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Kyle Richards Defends Kim’s Actions At The RHOBH Reunion; Explains Why Her Sister Returned The Bunny To Lisa Rinna!

The RHOBH season 7 reunion was emotional, intense, and somewhat strange!

Now that all 3-parts have aired, RHOBH fans can’t stop talking abut a bunny; yes, a stuffed bunny was the biggest controversy of the night! This season was filled with drama, so it seems extremely bizarre that the bunny has taken over, but it has.

Fans stand divided on who they are supporting in what’s now being called, “bunnygate,” and regardless of who you like or dislike amongst the cast, it’s blatantly obvious that Kim Richards’ timing was very calculated and attention seeking; looks like someone may want back on Bravo for season 8!

Kim’s sister Kyle recently appeared on The Tomorrow Show with Kevin Underargo and made it clear that she’s siding with Kim over Lisa Rinna. She defended Kim’s decision to return Lisa’s gift at the reunion, yet admitted that the whole situation made her very uncomfortable!

Kyle started at the beginning though, and confessed that the RHOBH season 1 finale led her to a therapists office, and eventually a pharmacy! “I did go to therapy after season one and the therapist put me on Lexapro because I was having panic attacks after the limo thing with my sister,” she began. Adding, “It was too much. And I’m a very emotional person. So it was really, really hard.

In fact, Kyle also asserted that she thinks reality TV is way harder than acting; at least the aftermath is. [Reality TV] is “really, really challenging, way more so than, you know, acting or remembering lines for me – one hundred percent. It’s very emotional and you carry it with you and it’s very anxiety provoking,” Kyle explained.

Kyle went on to reveal that Kim is taking a lot of heat for returning the bunny Lisa Rinna had bought for her grandson, and attempted to convey Kim’s side of the story to RHOBH fans!

Kim did not feel it was sincere from Lisa Rinna. It was on camera, she felt like it was like trying to look like she was, you know, trying to make amends. But it wasn’t authentic is what Kim felt, so she didn’t want to give her grandson this bunny that she felt like had a bad… juju… so she brought it back at the reunion,” Kyle claimed.

Kyle insisted that she had no idea Kim planned on returning the bunny, especially at the reunion; this led her to, “shut down” immediately!

I plug my ears when she pulled out the bunny – it’s so funny, I go like this and I plugged my ears, but it was first ‘Oh my God like Kim has balls.’ She does. And I knew that she meant what she was saying and I was like ‘Oh my gosh,’” Kyle recalled!

Kyle concluded by addressing Rinna’s emotional, angry response to the comments Kyle made this season about her lips, and while Kyle didn’t sincerely apologize or go back on her original statements, she implied that it was all in good fun!

I’m like you joke about your lips all day long, you know you have all these emojis with the big lips and the zipper with the lip, I’m like, I mean…sorry,” Kyle wrapped!

I have to agree with Eileen who stated multiple times that Kim could have returned the bunny MANY times before or after the reunion; mail it back, donate it, anything else!

I like both Kim and Lisa, but Kim’s already said that the show is bad for her sobriety; so it’s confusing that now she’s making it pretty clear she wants back on! The RHOBH cast definitely needs a break and producers need to add some new women to the group; some of the current cast needs to go, and they should to add someone famous, unique, or exceptional to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

90210 is the most fabulous zip code in the country, there are tons of undiscovered women behind the fancy neighborhood gates just waiting for a contract!

Thoughts on Kyle’s interview? Whose side are you on; Kim or Lisa? Why would Kim return the bunny at the reunion?Should she have given it back another way, or donated the bunny instead? Do you think Lisa’s original thought behind the gift was insincere? Do you think Kyle really believes Kim was right, or is she just standing by her sister to avoid drama? Did Kyle’s jokes about Rinna’s lips go too far? Should Kim return for season 8? Does RHOBH need to cast new women?

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