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Did Carole Radziwill Become Tinsley Mortimer’s “Fairy Godmother” While Filming RHONY Season 9?!

Tinsley Mortimer was introduced to the RHONY cast through her friend and roommate Sonja Morgan, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t branch out on her own!

In fact, she seems to have gotten close to several of the NYC housewives, and Bravo fans will be shocked to hear that she’s grown especially close with Carole Radziwill!

Carole and Tinsley seem to have very little in common, but it turns out that once Carole gave her a chance, they bonded and formed a unique friendship. Recently Carole opened up about how her relationship with Tinsley throughout filming, and admitted that there is way more to Tinsley than what we’ve heard, or seen so far on RHONY!

My very first impression was, well, I thought she was very pretty in that sort of Barbie doll, little cute figure with the blonde hair and the double fake lashes,” Carole told The Daily Dish. Adding, “I thought, ‘Wow. She’s almost like an anachronism from a time in the late ’80s or something.’

Carole confessed that at first she didn’t plan on having much more than a working, surfaced relationship with the former socialite, but it organically grew into something more, and she’s not mad about it!

Honestly, she seemed to have a lot of issues… [Sonja] said, ‘Oh, did you meet my friend Tinsley? What do you think?’ And I said, ‘She’s great. She seems really sweet. My hospital is full. I can’t take on anymore right now.’ So I was really that in the beginning,” she recalled.

Elaborating, “I think she really seems sweet and I love her double fake lashes because I haven’t seen that in a while. She’s just unapologetic about it, the hair and the whole thing. I like that, but there’s some other stuff going on that I just wanted to keep it light and bright, and I do.

The, “other stuff” Carole’s referring to is Tinsley’s previous arrest and abusive relationship with Alexander “Nico” Fanjul, and Carole makes it clear that she wanted to see past that, and not dive deep into Tinsley’s tumultuous history!

You’ll see over the course of the season that Tinsley and I do get to become friends, and especially at the very end of the season, I do become a little bit like a fairy godmother,” Carole teased. Clarifying, “And I won’t tell you how or why that happened, but it sort of happened.

As a RHONY veteran Carole of course shared some advice with the blonde bombshell, but she kept it short, sweet, and real!

My only advice is to just be real and be authentic and don’t try to pretend,” she revealed.

Then Carole defended Tinsley’s, “open book” attitude when it comes to her personal history and RHONY; Carole thinks this is actually why she has done so well on the show, and will continue to do so as the season plays out.

This is a woman who was definitely the It Girl at a certain time in New York society when people cared about that kind of thing. And she took what is a spectacular fall from grace and ended up in a police station in Palm Beach getting a mugshot. And it’s sort of like a comeback kid story. I like that story. And I told her that was a good story, and if she could explain that story and the show could show that story and how she comes back to New York, and not only how it all works out — if it does — the missteps along the way, I thought that was a good story to tell. And I told her that she should tell that story. And be authentic and real. And I think she is. She likes to have fun, she likes to drink, she likes to do all those things that some people would not like to show on camera, and she does,” Carole teased.

Finally she commended Tinsley on how tough it is to come forward about a bad relationship, and even alleged that although her story is uncomfortable, by sharing, she’s helping women who are in the same situation!

I think it’s relatable. A lot of women find themselves in these kind of destructive relationships [that are also] very tumultuous. It’s ‘I love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you.’ And hers got to a point where she was arrested. So it’s a cautionary tale for a lot of women, but I think it’s a good story to tell. But that was my only advice, just tell your story and don’t be afraid of it,” Carole wrapped.

Before this interview I assumed that the 2016 Presidential Election is what bonded Carole and Tinsley, but evidently there is more to the story!

Carole said that something shocking happens at the end of the season, which we won’t see for another few weeks. I think that Carole will be a great, “fairy godmother” in Tinsley’s life, and exactly what she needs to survive RHONY and the backlash that comes with it!

Thoughts on Carole’s interview? Are you surprised she gets close with Tinsley? Did you expect that? Will this be a good thing in Tinsley’s life? Are you excited to watch them together? Do you like Tinsley so far? Will she be back next season? Will Carole? What do you think happens that brings them together?

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