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Why Doesn’t Gizelle Bryant Doesn’t Believe Charrisse Jackson Jordan Was Celibate For 2 Years?!

Gizelle Bryant and Charrisse Jackson Jordan may have called a truce, but we all knew it wouldn’t last long!

The Potomac ladies are shadier than ever this season, and in this week’s Bravo Blog Gizelle reveals why there’s no way Charrisse was celibate for 2 years! She also discounts the claims that she’s “met her match” in Monique Samuels, and defends Ashley Darby’s curiosity about Eddie Jordan.

Gizelle began on a light, happy note; with her mom and beau Kevin! “I’m very happy that my mother likes a man that I’m interested in, but I think her love for Kevin is a bit much,” Gizelle pointed out. Adding, “Looking at how excited they are about seeing each other reminds me of the movie, How Stella Got Her Grove Back. Is Kevin’s real name Winston?  There is no question that when it comes to my Mom, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  I learned how to ask direct, ridiculous, unnecessary questions from my dear sweet INQUISITIVE mother. So it’s NONE OF HER BUSINESS whether or not Kevin and I are physically compatible. I’m all for a helicopter Mom, but she has parked the helicopter on top of my forehead,” Gizelle joked.

Eddie Jordan’s appearance at his daughter’s Sweet Sixteen was shocking to RHOP fans, and even though we didn’t get a good look, he definitely didn’t have his face blurred. Ashley Darby was on a mission to meet him, which really upset Charrisse; Gizelle totally understands where Ashley was coming from, and so do I!

Ashley was like a kid who just saw Santa Claus and desperately wanted to give him her Christmas list. The more Charrisse told her no, the more she was determined to meet the mysterious husband. In Ashley’s defense, I completely see wanting to meet the man that Charrisse is married to for 20 plus years. However, clearly the thought of Charrisse making that introduction made her more uncomfortable than wearing socks and flip flops,” Gizelle explained.

Then Gizelle got shady, and alleged that Charrisse isn’t being truthful about her sexual history. “A very grown, sexy, socialite women celibate for TWO YEARS, who doesn’t live in Mayberry, who is out and about and meets a lot of people (men),” Gizelle implied. Elaborating, “Nope, don’t believe it but it sounded good, kinda like those fairytale books that I used to read my kids at bedtime. Seeing the conversation between Charrisse and her therapist was HEARTBREAKING. I hope she finds peace because she deserves it.

Gizelle and newbie Monique are two gorgeous, smart, confident women, so of course they have tension; this is reality TV! It’s still early in the season, and we can expect to see them head-to-head many times this season. However Gizelle went on to shut down Charrisse’s claims that she, “met her match” when Monique joined the show!

Clarity is the key to life. I’m happy that were able to discuss our first meeting and see the different sides of it. I love learning who people are not what they have, but I guess I’ll find that out at a later date or never. Nice that Charrisse said that I have met my match, but I don’t play badminton or tennis,” Gizelle wrapped.

Thoughts on Gizelle’s blog? Was the date with Kevin and her mom awkward? Was Ashley out of line for trying to meet Eddie? Was Charrisse too defensive? Did you Gizelle’s truce with Charrisse wouldn’t last? Do you believe Charrisse’s claims that she was celibate for 2 years? Will she find love again? Has Gizelle met her match in Monique?

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