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Kyle Richards Reveals She Won’t Do A Reality Show “After Housewives” & Admits RHOBH Has Deterred Her From Watching Reality TV!

Kyle Richards is a world-class traveler, and recently she proved that her work never stops, not even on vacation!

On a recent family trip to London she interviewed with UK and spilled on all things RHOBH, plus gave Bravo fans some insight into what her life is really like at home!

While she’s a staple on RHOBH, it turns out it’s not really a big priority in her life; at least not right now! “I don’t take it that seriously. To be a housewife is the thing I love the most and I take pride at being a mother and a wife. But now we are all businesswomen as well,” she asserted.

Then Kyle was asked about how she got her start on RHOBH, and it looks like she was the original and first choice for the group! “Casting producers came to me after something I did about my nieces Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie,” Kyle recalled.

She continued by recollecting how the rest of the cast was officially chosen, “I brought my sister Kim in; a few were clients of my husband (Mauricio, a high-end estate agent) and a few were friends of friends. We were friendly but now we are friends. I talk to some of them all the time,” Kyle explained.

So is Kyle’s reality the same as what we see on RHOBH? Pretty much! “What you see is real, but what you don’t see is me getting up and getting my kids to school in my pajamas,” she joked. Clarifying, “There are pieces of our lives that aren’t covered probably because they are so boring no-one would care. 

Shockingly, Kyle doesn’t sit in the hair and make-up chair on a regular basis like many of the women, and I definitely heard a bit of shade in her response! “No I do my own, though some of the others have ‘glam squads’. It’s reality TV , I would never have my hair and make-up done to go to a friend’s house for dinner,” she admitted.

Kyle gave a sneak peak into how each season is constructed, and it sounds like producers sort of wait to see how things play out, instead of planning too far ahead. “When you start the season they see what is going on in your life. They will then ask to come with me to certain parties or dinners. They do this weekly. So you could film for two hours, or film all day,” she teased.

Kyle defended her attempt to stay out of the drama; she’s not a confrontational person, and her anxiety is a huge factor in her emotional role on the show!

I just play me obviously. I am not a person who likes drama as I get anxiety. I try and keep the peace,” Kyle confessed. Adding, “Unfortunately we don’t have the say in what they show or don’t show. You forget the cameras are there in a setting like at dinner party. If there is an argument you often forget and you think ‘Why did that happen?’

Of course Kyle watches RHOBH every week, because it turns out Bravo requires them to tune-in! “We have to watch the show because we have no idea who said what about us. Then at the reunion at the end of the series, it all kicks off again,” Kyle replied.

Kyle knows almost everyone in Beverly Hills, and it’s quite shocking how many famous friends she has; so does she watch her friend Kris Jenner and her family on Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Not really, in fact, RHOBH has completely ruined reality TV for her!

I tune in now and again, but I don’t watch reality TV, and won’t do it again after the Housewives,” Kyle asserted.

So many of The Real Housewives’ kids love the cameras and do all that they can to benefit from their parents’ fame, yet Kyle’s kids stay out of the spotlight and are down-to-Earth; it’s definitely refreshing!

They are not impressed by the cameras; I am lucky if they show up at all. My husband is easy going about it,” Kyle wrapped.

I wish Kyle had opened up more on some of her answers; she gave us a sneak peak into what goes on behind the scenes of RHOBH and her life, but there were no details! I would love a reality show about Kyle and her family, so hopefully she budges on her claims that she will never be on a reality show again!

I don’t doubt that Kyle will be back for season 8, but for now the RHOBH cast has a downtime that they all look forward to every year!

Thoughts on Kyle’s interview? Was she the original RHOBH? Does she have a lot of pull behind the scenes? Why were her answers so short? Do you like that Kyle’s daughters stay out of the spotlight? Why do you think RHOBH ruin reality TV for Kyle?

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