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Would Gizelle Bryant Get Married Again; Plus Which Of Her RHOP Co-Stars Makes The Best Wing-Woman?!

Gizelle Bryant is a single mom of three daughters, and although she’s on good terms with her ex Jamal Bryant, they will never, ever be more than friends again!

On RHOP season 1 we watched Gizelle go on an awkward date with a man that clearly wasn’t her type, so for season 2 she set out to find a new love to have in her life! Today she’s in a great place and happy with her man, but Gizelle is refusing to confirm, or deny if it’s Kevin; she has however teased that we just need to, “watch and see” how it plays out! I think they are still together; he’s a good-looking man who can take care of her, and is clearly very interested.

So should we expect an engagement in the near future? Gizelle wouldn’t go that far, but in a recent interview she opened up about dating, and confirmed that she’s not opposed to tying the knot again; as long as it’s with the right man!

It’s very rare for a single housewife (yes it’s an oxymoron, but all too common on Bravo these days) to have their storyline surround their dating life, and it’s refreshing to see this open, vulnerable, and flirty side of Gizelle!

Season 1, I was down to date and just have fun, as opposed to really taking it seriously and having it being a bit more meaningful,” she told The Daily Dish. Elaborating, “I think that you’ll see in Season 2, I want to make a great decision as far as my dating life is concerned, because it doesn’t [just] affect me; it also affects my children. I want to be able to find somebody that loves my kids, loves me, and that I can have in my life potentially forever,” Gizelle admitted.

She reiterated that her new man needs to have some, “cash flow in his pocket,” and needs to make her laugh!  “I love for a guy to have a sense of humor. If he’s too serious, I can’t really handle him. And he needs to treat my kids extremely well,” she asserted.

For the first time in years Gizelle is actually, “enjoying the dating scene” and, “it’s going really well” right now. However, she insisted that there’s, “no way” she would meet a guy online; that scenario is not something she’s even had to consider thus far.

I really have not gotten to a place where I feel like I need to do that. I’ve never been in a situation in which I was looking for a date. Guys have just been available,” Gizelle explained. Adding, “I just feel like that opens the door for crazy people.” (Isn’t that the truth)

Ashley Darby has offered to go out with Gizelle and be her, “wing-woman” and the next time Gizelle goes out looking to meet someone, she just might take her up on that; love that these two are in a good place, they are funny together!

Ashley [Darby] is awesome. Rule No.1 with dating is from the beginning, you’re just having fun, and she gets that, and she’s a great wing-woman. Maybe I will take Ashley up on that. She’s a fun girl. I like spending time with her,” Gizelle dished.

Gizelle is still young, and she’s not counting out anything for her future; there’s a strong chance she’ll walk down the aisle again. Now that’s a Bravo bridal special I’d love to watch; Gizelle keeps me laughing and she definitely deserves to find happiness!

Yes. I’m not opposed to it,” Gizelle confirmed about getting re-marrid. Clarifying, “If the situation was right and the guy was right and I fell head-over-heels in love and my kids were in love with him, absolutely,” she wrapped!

Thoughts on Gizelle’s interview? Are you shocked she would get married again? Would Ashley make a good wing-woman? Do you like Gizelle? Do you think she’s still dating Kevin? Is it refreshing to watch a housewife open up about dating?

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