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Charrisse Jackson Jordan Weighs In On Eddie Jordan’s RHOP Appearance & Confirms If They Are Currently Friends!

On Sunday night’s RHOP, Charrisse Jackson Jordan threw her daughter Skylar an over-the-top Sweet Sixteen party, and while the décor and venue were fabulous, that’s not what guests were talking about.

Charrisse’s estranged husband Eddie Jordan was back in Potomac to support his daughter, although he sat in the corner and hid from the cameras for hours; but that didn’t stop Ashley Darby from trying to hunt him down!

Following the episode Charrisse opened up to The Daily Dish and weighed in on Eddie’s appearance. It seems like RHOP viewers are more upset with Eddie than Charrisse is; maybe it’s because he’s still funding her lifestyle? Last season Eddie skipped Charrisse’s lavish birthday party, but she had no doubts that he’d be there for Skylar’s big day!

It wasn’t surprising that Eddie was at his daughter’s party. He’s a very supportive father. He’s a great father. He’s always there for his children,” Charrisse defended. Elaborating, “We’re co-parenting, and we do the best we can as parents to give our kids the best life and make them as happy as humanly possible. So him being in the room was no surprise.

Although she hadn’t actually seen Eddie, “in a while,” Charrisse admitted that they do speak, but it’s strictly about Skylar and their son Jackson.

We have children, so we have to communicate about things that pop up with the children. We don’t have conversations where we call each other and say, ‘Hi, how are you doing?’ It’s strictly about the children,” Charrisse revealed. Adding, “I’m 51, and I forget timeframes of things. I really don’t know how long it was, but like I said, we’re not in regular conversations with each other. So in terms of going from a place where we used to talk to each other on a regular basis, it had been a very long time,” she explained.

Despite the coldness between the estranged couple, Charrisse clarified that, “it was good to see him.” Then she was asked if Eddie’s presence at Skylar’s party has made her hopeful for some sort of a relationship in the future, and she insisted that she’s known since day 1 that they will be close again as time goes on.

I’ve always been optimistic that Eddie and I will get to a point where we’ll be like best friends. After all, I’ve been with this guy for 25 years of my life. So we’ve had some memorable times together. Some of the best memories of my life have been as his wife, actually. He’s provided an amazing lifestyle for myself and my children. So of course, I would love to be friends,” Charrisse recalled.

However, she now believes that this will take a lot longer than originally expected; Charrisse is ready to be friends now, while Eddie has remained standoffish and cold!

Like right now, currently, I need to get over a hump of being without a husband, which was a traumatic situation for me, because I thought I would be married for the rest of my life. I couldn’t imagine a man not wanting to be with me [laughs]. But things happen. People fall out of love. And so here we are. But we’re gonna be very good friends. I can see it. I’m seeing into the future! We are gonna be very good friends,” Charrisse wrapped.

Okay, was anyone else shocked that Eddie didn’t make producers blur out his face; maybe they are getting on better terms? Yet I don’t see them being friends in the near future, but I can appreciate Charrisse’s optimism. Hopefully they can get to a better place, and I think it’s time for Charrisse to change her name back to Charrisse Jackson; there’s no Jordan necessary anymore!

Thoughts on Charrisse’s interview? Are you shocked Eddie was on RHOP? Why did Ashley want to meet him so bad? Was she wrong? Will Eddie and Charrisse be close friends one day? Were you surprised to hear they still talk sometimes? Is there any chance that they will get back together? Why do you think Eddie agreed to have his face shown on RHOP? Should Charrisse change her last name back to Jackson? Thoughts on Skylar’s Sweet 16? Where are they getting money from?

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