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Scheana Marie Defends Dating Rob Valletta So Quickly After Separating From Mike Shay; Reveals “I Just Didn’t See The Point In Waiting!”

Scheana Marie is still on the media circuit, trashing her ex Mike Shay and gushing about her current boyfriend Robert Valletta!

Throughout her run on Vanderpump Rules Scheana has exploited her marriage and used their problems as storylines on the hit Bravo show! She’s now exposed her ex as a lying, stealing, no-good drug addict, and it was incredibly awkward when she told him at the reunion for the first time that she had a boyfriend; even more, a boyfriend that Mike knew!

Now Scheana is defending her decision to move on so quickly, and even months before Rob’s identity was revealed, she was teasing her man on social media!

Mike slammed her for moving on, “very quick,” and confirmed that he is not dating because he is, “still technically married.” Scheana insisted to The Daily Dish that Rob is the only person she would have bounced back with so fast, because something about it, “just felt right!

If it was anyone else, I would not be dating so soon. Because it’s Rob, I’m like, no, I want this now because life is too short, and he’s a person who’s always been in a relationship,” Scheana recalled. Clarifying, “So the fact that we were both single at the same time, it’s like let’s give this a shot now. I don’t want to wait four months to process my feelings and get in a better place for him then to be dating someone else.

She elaborated further, “So it’s just like, we were both single at the time, we hung out, we hit it off, it was like everything came back. And I don’t see a point in waiting. People are like, ‘Oh, wow, you moved on fast.’ But I didn’t,” she asserted, noting that they’ve known each other for 10 years and even casually dated in the past.

Evidently they are very good for each other, because Rob and Scheana are both happy and thriving right now!

We’re both in good places in our careers and lives that it just feels right. It just kind of clicked and worked. Like, the first time we hung out, I was like, ‘Wow! It was just like everything came rushing back from 10 years ago.’ It just feels right,” she explained.

Scheana also claimed that all of her friends support their relationship and love Rob; clearly it’s a win, win all around!

There’s really nothing to not love about him. Like, all of my friends are just like, ‘This makes sense.’ I feel like we’re just more on the same page. All of my friends just see that I have this glow back and a perk in my step, and I’m just so happy that I owe pretty much all of it to him,” she praised.

There were 2 months in-between Scheana’s mysterious snap chats, and when they officially confirmed their love, but there was a ton of speculation that Rob was her man before they walked the red carpet together in March.

He is so much fun. He literally makes me laugh every single day, whether it’s on FaceTime, in a text message, or in person. He’s very adventurous and outgoing. He can hold a conversation with anyone at any time. He just fits in any situation. He’s very smart. So sometimes we’ll be having a conversation and I’m just like, ‘Wow, you’re so hot and you’re smart and you’re talented,’” Scheana bragged. Adding, “He’s also been an actor for the last 10 years. So he kind of just has it all, and I just feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I’m so into him and so happy and he just brings out the fun in me.

Scheana and Rob have already started their life of traveling, and she thinks that has contributed to how serious they’ve gotten in such a short time.

Like, when we were in Hawaii, I haven’t swam in the ocean in I don’t know how many years. I haven’t rolled around in the sand. I haven’t went up waterfalls. Just all of these things I wouldn’t normally do, somehow he just convinces me to do it. We just have a lot of fun together. And he’s not bad to look at, so that helps,” she shared.

Continuing, “I definitely think traveling with someone is a good way to get to know someone, because you’re seeing a different side of them when you’re not just in your normal, everyday life, and each trip we’ve taken so far, it’s like I’m falling more and more into him, because I keep seeing something better. I could go on and on all day about how awesome he is. But every trip we’ve taken, I’m just like, ‘God, I’m so into you,’ and it keeps getting more and more. So I’m very happy,” she wrapped.

I’m so so over Scheana and this bragging tour needs to end ASAP; we get it, you’re in love and you’re happy. To be clear, I’m happy for anyone who finds love, she’s just too much. She’s the kind of woman who depends on a man to fulfill herself, but she’s already learned the hard way that’s not the smartest way to go!

Thoughts on Scheana’s interview? Did she move on too quickly? Was it awkward for Mike to find out about Rob at the reunion? Is Scheana laying it on too thick? Does she need to stop rubbing it in? Do you think Rob is the one for Scheana? Are you looking forward to learning more about their relationship on VPR season 6

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