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Kyle Richards Admits She’s Considered Quitting RHOBH!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have it all – private planes, fancy cars, closets to die for, but they also have to deal with a whole lot of drama.

So, it’s not surprising that OG Housewife Kyle Richards has considered quitting the reality show that made her a household name more than once.

Over the last seven seasons, Kyle has dealt with her fair share of drama. Kyle has fought with her friends, feuded with her siblings, and battled her sister Kim Richards’ drug and alcohol addictions all while on TV for the world to see.

“My worst moments were the season one finale and a couple of parts of season two [when I was fighting with my sister],” Kyle explained to MTV UK.

“There has been many times when things have come up and I have thought I just can’t do this anymore. It causes me so much anxiety and tears and spilling into my extended family and everything. It’s very difficult.”

Adding,“There have been things I’ve been embarrassed about, things I’ve cried about, things that have given me anxiety. Things that I would have done anything to not have on the show but I don’t have that luxury.”

In fact, Kyle admits not being able to defend her words or actions has been the most difficult thing and has left her feeling misunderstood at times.

However, Kyle says respecting her families privacy was more important to her than anything.

“Over seven years there have been so many embarrassing moments. I think for me what is the most embarrassing is when, I’ve been upset with my sister, that’s been really difficult.”

“There were times when my hands were tied and it was frustrating. There were times when she would say things and in order to defend myself, I would have to say something that I didn’t feel comfortable saying so I wouldn’t defend myself at all. It was difficult. That’s when I felt the most understood and the most frustrated.”

“But I feel like people know my life now, and my family and they kind of know everything so now it’s like ‘hey it is what it is’.”

I can’t imagine RHOBH without Kyle – she definitely my favorite. I understand her feeling misunderstood on the show at times especially when she and Kim were at odds. I’m sure there’s a ton about Kim’s addiction that Kyle jut couldn’t explain out of respect for Kim’s kids. I think Kyle handled her issues with Kim well on RHOBH except for maybe that limo scene during season 1 but sometimes things happen.

Thoughts on Kyle’s interview? Are you surprised Kyle has considered quitting RHOBH? Do you think Kyle’s been misunderstood on RHOBH?

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