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Gizelle Bryant Slams “Messy” Karen Huger For Sabotaging Her Own RHOP High Tea With Unnecessary Drama!

Gizelle Bryant and Charrisse Jackson Jordan had a major falling out, and we all watched as they went back and forth, publicly bashing each other even after RHOP season 1 ended!

Charrisse alleged that Gizelle was a whore, so Gizelle announced that Charrisse had a boyfriend, implying that she cheated on Eddie with a fireman; from there, their relationship got worse!

Recently Gizelle opened up to The Daily Dish about their feud, and she slammed Karen Huger for causing even more drama, when she was supposed to be mending the broken relationships in the cast!

The tea went well. I was kind of at a place where I no longer wanted to deal with the firemangate, the fireman issues. So you know what? Let’s just let it go,” she recalled. Clarifying, “And I felt like, ‘OK, I will be the bigger person and apologize.’

Gizelle and Charrisse go way back, so Gizelle’s apology was 100% genuine; she was happy to put the drama behind them.

Yes, it was very genuine. I do feel strongly about the fact that Charrisse and I have known each other for six, seven years, and we’ve had a relationship that has been fine. So I do want us to get to a better place. And it’s better for the group if we can hash out these problems and move forward,” she explained.

After going through a difficult divorce herself, Gizelle wanted to support Charrisse, since she knows how emotional it can be. “I feel like I understand her hurt, and I understand why sometimes she does the things that she does because it’s not necessarily coming from a good place; it’s coming from a place of hurt, and I get that. And that was probably one of the reasons why I apologized,” Gizelle admitted.

However, in Gizelle’s opinion, Karen Huger ruined the entire vibe of the day, minutes after their reconciliation; not only that, but then she started a rift between her and Robyn.

Karen is very interesting, because she wants us all to come together and make peace, and then she brings out all this drama with Robyn and throws Robyn under the bus,” Gizelle slammed. Elaborating, “So just as Charrisse and I have kumbayaed, here comes messy Karen with more drama. But what Karen doesn’t know is that Robyn and I are good enough friends that we see Karen coming before she even gets to us. And Robyn and I have talked a lot about the situation between me and Charrisse. And Robyn’s entitled to her own opinion. I don’t have a problem with that,” she asserted.

Gizelle made it known that despite what Karen says, she never had good intentions! “Do I ever understand what the grand dame does? No. But Karen is Karen, and she says that she brought it up because, ‘It was going to inevitably come out later, so we need to just deal with it now, ladies.’ Yeah, I don’t believe that. She got glee and drove home laughing because she thought me and Robyn were at odds,” Gizelle claimed.

Karen’s plan back-fired, and Gizelle and Robyn are still in a great place, and have grown from this experience; don’t expect a feud between these two, they are as close as friends come! “No, not at all. I wear big girl panties. I can fight my own battles, so I don’t need Robyn to do that,” she defended.

Continuing, “However, I understood it. I understood that she wanted to side with Charrisse and felt like she needed to and felt very strongly to discuss it with me and tell me I was wrong and needed to apologize. I get it. I like friends that are able to tell me how they feel,” she said.

I don’t feel like Robyn’s not loyal to me,” Gizelle wrapped!

I love Gizelle and Robyn together, for me they make the show! Karen knows she’s disliked and is now trying to bring the drama to secure her spot on season 3; yet her way of bringing the drama is annoying and unnecessary! I don’t see her lasting much longer on Bravo, and I’d love to see some of Gizelle and Robyn’s friends join the cast!

Thoughts on Gizelle’s interview? Do you think her peace with Gizelle will last? Are you glad she and Robyn are good? Is Karen messy? Do you think Karen should be fired? Do you want Gizelle and Robyn to remain on the show? Thoughts on RHOP season 2 so far?

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