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Robyn Dixon Accuses Karen Huger Of “Looking Like A Messy Drama Starter Who Needs Attention” At RHOA High Tea!

The drama on RHOP season 2 is already heating up, and Robyn Dixon has found herself inserted right in the middle!

It’s not a place she wants to be, nor did her actions land her there, but because two of her close friends are feuding, it was inevitable. On Sunday night we watched her and Karen Huger try to mend Charrisse Jackson Jordan and Gizelle Bryant’s broken relationship, but unfortunately they were unsuccessful!

In fact, things took an unexpected turn when Karen threw Robyn right under the bus and implied that she was talking behind Gizelle’s back. We know from watching that she was honest with Gizelle from the start, and in this week’s Bravo Blog Robyn slammed Karen from trying to make it seem otherwise!

Then She accused Karen of starting drama and needing attention, which made it clear that they aren’t in a good place right now. She also dished on Katie’s disastrous Casino Royale even, and admitted that they haven’t spoken at all since she left RHOP!

Oh Casino Royale! What high expectations I had for you! The way Katie was bragging last season about how great of a fundraiser she is really had me expecting something over the top and fabulous. Unfortunately, Casino Royale didn’t deliver any of that,” Robyn recalled. Clarifying, “But had Katie not set such high expectations, I would have considered it an average event. The most exciting part of the whole night was the quite entertaining and perplexing performance!

She continued on the subject of Katie, and her response leads us to believe there was drama that we haven’t seen or heard about!

Katie and I don’t talk at all. I have reached out to her to wish her well to no reply. So of course, when she tells me she wants to auction Juan off for a date, I think she has totally lost her mind! That’s a pretty big request from somebody who couldn’t care less about me! No thank you, Katie, auction off your own man,” she suggested!

Robyn and Monique seemed to hit it off, even though they are very, very different. Her BFF Gizelle and the newbie despise each other, but Robyn isn’t letting that sway her opinion! It was refreshing that she called her out (multiple times now) for her, “humble bragging,” because honestly it didn’t make a great first impression!

There is a first for everything and that barre class with Monique was the first time I topped a workout off with a glass of champagne – delivered by the assistant!!! I’m a pretty strong woman so I thought that class was going to be a breeze. But holy moly, my butt cheeks were on fire and muscles that I didn’t know I had were screaming bloody murder! Overall I enjoyed the class and enjoyed getting to know Monique. She was definitely very long-winded that day and enjoyed talking about herself and all that she has and does but I don’t think she has any bad intentions. She just needs to figure out how to cut her soliloquies short when people begin to nod off,” Robyn explained.

Then she got candid on Karen, and kept it light on there initial meeting about Gizelle and Charrisse. However by the end she slammed the entitled, “Grand Dame” for claiming to have good intentions for the group, but turning on her and spinning their conversation!

When Karen invited me to her house to try to bring resolution to the Charrisse and Gizelle situation, I immediately thought twice about it because I didn’t think Karen needed to insert herself into their business anyway. But I still went because I believed she was coming from a good place and really wanted to see the ladies make up,” she revealed. Adding, “Karen has had her fair share of confrontation amongst the ladies, so I thought maybe she had grown from her past experiences and was sincere in her intentions. I was honest and open with Karen about what I thought about the situation. On top of that, EVERYTHING I said to Karen had already been said to Gizelle. In no way did I think I was walking into a complete setup.

Robyn elaborated further, “My immediate reaction when Karen brought up our conversation at high tea was “Oh, hell no, this woman is straight throwing me under the bus!” There was absolutely no reason for Karen to bring up what we discussed and spin it as if I was betraying my friends. I’m grown and mature enough to have my own opinion and to give my friends honest feedback on things that they do and say. Seemingly, Karen does not understand this concept, despite her mature age. Karen just looked like a messy drama starter who needs attention. I appreciate Gizelle’s want to discuss this situation in private; that is how a real woman handles confrontation,” she wrapped!

Thoughts on Robyn’s blog? Does she have a point about Katie setting too high of expectations for her event? Was it rude for her to ask about auctioning off Juan? Are you surprised she and Monique clicked? Are you glad she called out the “humble bragging?” Why do you think Karen turned on Robyn? Is Robyn right about her accusations towards Karen?

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