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AATRH Exclusive: RHONJ Season 8 Filled With “Real, Intense” Drama; Who’s Feuding With Who & Why?!

Producers are working extra hard to keep RHONJ season 8 filming secrets under wraps, so when a report of “forced” and, “fake” drama was released, we set out to find out what’s really going on behind the scenes!

After talking to several of our RHONJ sources, All About The Truth is here to set the record straight; the RHONJ season 8 drama is very intense and very real! There is absolutely not truth to the fake drama allegations, and we were able to get some scoop as to who is feuding this season, and why!

Last week Siggy Flicker had a purse and jewelry party at her home that was filmed for RHONJ, and according to multiple witnesses things escalated very quickly. Dolores Catania, Melissa Gorga, Danielle Staub, and Teresa Giudice were all in attendance, while newbie Margaret Josephs was in Las Vegas for business.

At first the women were heard talking about cake, and Siggy got very loud and visibly upset. This is when producers ushered the cast into her dining room, attempting to hide the drama from the other party guests. They were somewhat successful in shielding the women, but there was lots of shouting, so it was impossible not to hear bits and pieces of what was going on.

The whole cast was taken into another room and producers were trying to block anyone from watching, but they were screaming and everyone could hear. All of the Housewives were heard yelling and it’s evident that season 8 is filled with drama,” a witness revealed.

After some digging we were able to find out what about cake made Siggy so upset, and this situation actually stems back to the Boca get-away. When we were first told about a cake fight, naturally we assumed it was an actual food fight; however now we can confirm that’s not true!

When the ladies celebrated Melissa’s birthday in Florida Siggy had an expensive, beautiful cake made and delivered to their table after dinner. It’s unclear what exactly happened but the cake ended up on the floor and a huge fight broke out between Teresa, Melissa, Siggy, and Dolores.

When it first happened there were no malicious intentions when it came to the cake, but it turned into an all-out war; it was honestly ridiculous and should have been worked out sooner,” a RHONJ source admitted.

We can also tell you that the cake fight drama has officially been resolved and the women have vowed to move on; there are way more important things in life than spilled cake!

Back to the purse party; once the cast was brought into Siggy’s dining room the drama quickly escalated, and the biggest fight of the night has turned into the largest feud of the season. Danielle and Dolores were going at it and while we think there are many unspoken reasons for the tension, that night Teresa was indirectly involved!

Danielle told Teresa that Dolores said something very derogatory about her. Dolores blew-up on Danielle, and she quickly denied saying anything about her friend of 20 years; she went on for a while defending herself, and these two were fighting for a while,” a source explained.

This was just the beginning though; our insider continued, “Their fight got so intense and the ladies were in a confined space, it was bound to get ugly. Eventually the drama spilled over and Teresa got involved, she too started going at it with Dolores! Siggy and Melissa started having words and the room was complete chaos.

Danielle and Teresa quickly left Siggy’s house once the group exited the dining room, although we can’t confirm if they went home in the same car or not. Before leaving they had a quick chat with Melissa, and we were able to obtain an exclusive picture of the threesome in the aftermath!

Several sources agreed that Dolores and Danielle’s fight was, “the biggest drama of the night.” We’re also told that we will finally see a, “feisty” side of Dolores, and witnesses at the party described her as, “visibly upset” after the altercation!

Once Teresa and Danielle were gone, Dolores was overheard telling multiple party guests that she, “will always love and support Teresa.” However this wasn’t always apparent when Jacqueline Laurita was on the show, so there are going to be many doubters once this drama airs!

Not only was Dolores shaken up, but she was so stressed out by what she just experienced that she actually went outside and smoked a cigarette with a few friends!

As of now, the Danielle and Dolores drama is still very real, and they are not even close to reaching resolution; if anything it’s getting worse!

The other major feud of the season is between Siggy and season 8 newbie Margaret Josephs! We told you that on the first day in Florida they had an unexpected fight, and things have only gotten worse from there.

One insider told us that they, “legit hate each other, they will never be friends!

Even though Margaret wasn’t at the party, we can share that over the weekend the cast filmed as a group and the night didn’t go well at all. “Siggy and Margaret really went at it, their fighting got so bad; the night quickly became unhinged by the emotional feud,” an insider wrapped!

You heard it here first; we can expect an authentic, explosive season 8 from The Real Housewives Of New Jersey!

Thoughts on what our sources revealed? Are you surprised Dolores & Danielle are fighting? Whose side are you on? Do you think Dolores is talking about Teresa? Are you shocked Teresa seems to be siding with Danielle? Does she have a reason to doubt Dolores because of Jacqueline? What do you think about Siggy and Margaret feuding? Do you believe the drama is real? Thoughts on the cake fight? Are you excited for season 8? Let’s discuss!

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