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Monique Samuels Dishes On Her RHOP Debut & Teases Intense Drama With Gizelle Bryant This Season!

On Sunday night’s RHOP we met the newest cast member Monique Samuels. She’s a friend of Charrisse Jackson Jordan, who brought her on the scene and introduced her to this eclectic group of women!

Monique actually hit it off with most of the group, however Gizelle Bryant didn’t even try to hide her judgments, and started throwing shade at Monique the moment she met her.

In this week’s Bravo Blog Monique dished on her initial introduction to the cast, and weighed in on the first RHOP event she attended. She also addressed Robyn Dixon’s “humble bragging” allegations, and hinted at major drama with Gizelle this season!

After over a year of planning, former RHOP Katie Rost finally hosted her Casino Royale charity event and it was a mess. The women weren’t even able to hide their reactions to her first big benefit, and although Monique is new to the show, she was less than impressed by what she saw!  “I thought Casino Royale was a nice try,” she asserted. Elaborating, “It seemed more like a casual meet and greet. I could have saved that gown for another event! However, date nights are rare when you have 2 young kids, so it was time well spent for Chris and I. I actually enjoyed the singers. I’m always for the young people doing what makes them happy and expressing themselves, especially in the form of music! Kudos to them.

On the show she was very quick to reveal that she and her husband own 4 homes, and in her interview Robyn called her out for, “humble bragging.” Monique wasn’t upset by this accusation though, it actually made her laugh. Unfortunately for us, I think this was the first of many times we’ll hear about how rich the Samuels are!

I thought Robyn’s comments were hilarious. Humble bragging! Can’t say that I’ve ever heard that term but I’ll own that! I get really excited when it comes to entertaining and I guess at times I may give an overload of details. I was more so excited about telling the story of the Chris Samuels Foundation launch party we had years ago. It was such a success. I didn’t intend to be braggadocious,” Monique defended.

Monique (like Charrisse) is a self-proclaimed rapper, and in her RHOP debut she made sure to perform a quick beat for her co-stars. Gizelle called her out for the inappropriate location of her rap, and Monique had some harsh words in return; she doesn’t seem intimidated by the RHOP veteran one bit!

She was definitely throwing shade. I’m not foreign to shady women and their comments. HELLO! I’m married to a former NFL player. We eat chicks like Gizelle for lunch,” Monique blasted. Continuing, “Do you own a home? Who says that? I should have asked her was she still renting one. As far as the rapping goes, don’t ask me to rap if you’re going to make a big deal about the location in which I’m rapping. I’m always open to a challenge and if rapping at the Willard is a challenge, well, I guess I won.  I’m a real chick. I don’t have to front like I have it all together like some women do (Gizelle). What you see is what you get and I’m proud of that,” she admitted.

Then she weighed in on Gizelle and Charrisse’s feud, and no surprise here, she’s team Charrisse! “As Charrisse’s friend, I’m totally on her side when it comes to her feelings about the way Gizelle is spreading lies about her. As women, our job is to uplift each other. As long as a genuine apology is expressed, I do believe it’s something they can move past. BUT, forgive? Yes. Forget? Not so much. I never trust bored women who have way too much time on their hands. They’re bound to create all kinds of fictional novels,” Monique explained.

Gizelle knows how to bring it and her interviews and her comments are entertaining, hilarious, and very shady; yet Monique isn’t phased by what she has to say. In fact, she teased what we should expected this season, and it looks like Gizelle may have met her match!

I’m not surprised that Gizelle has so much to say in her interviews. If she would have taken her own words and minded her business, there wouldn’t be air to clear! I could have continued to sit on the couch like a “princess” sipping my tea instead of serving it to her. She’s been warned. As I stated that day, “I’m not sensitive. You can give it to me however you want. But just be prepared to GET IT BACK,” Monique wrapped.

Did you like Monique? Thoughts on her blog? Is she too full of herself? Will she be entertaining? What did you think of her rapping? Are you surprised Gizelle was shady? Are you shocked they have drama all season? Whose side are you on?

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