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LuAnn D’Agostino Questions Why Some Of Her Co-Stars Of Trying To Bring Her Down When She Is In A Such Happy Place!

LuAnn D’Agostino is caught up in marital bliss, and as we saw on last week’s RHONY premiere, it’s all that she can talk about!

LuAnn can’t stop gushing about her happiness, and credits Tom for making her life complete. Despite her co-stars concerns and concrete evidence of his cheating, LuAnn has nothing but great things to say about her man.

In this week’s Bravo Blog LuAnn continued living in on cloud 9 with Tom, and recalled what life was like when season 9 filming began. She also accused her co-stars of trying to bring her down when she’s finally content, and called out Ramona and Bethenny specifically for meddling in her relationship!

Can you believe it’s Season 9 of our show? New friends have become old friends, and I’ve become close with some of the ladies over the years in spite of our ups and downs. This season, you will see me planning my Palm Beach wedding weekend while working on my new bedding line and other businesses, fending off accusations (and amateur private investigations), and spending most of my time with Tom, who is the best. Don’t believe everything you hear. As for what is going on in other parts of my life, my kids are doing great, and their careers are going well. I’m loving my new home in the Hamptons, and as you see in this episode, Tom and I are enjoying living in his NYC penthouse. Life is good my friends, so why do some of the ladies feel the need bring me down when everything is looking up?

Dorinda and I are very good friends, and she knows firsthand that Tom and I share a magical bond, and of course she was invited to my shower. As for Ramona wondering why she wasn’t invited…only she would have the audacity to stab me in the back with one hand while giving me a shower gift with the other. My maid of honor invited 30 of my closest friends and family members to the home of a mutual friend, and I didn’t want negative energy at this celebration, so I decided not to invite Ramona, and as you see, I made the right choice. As for Ramona and Bethenny’s complicated relationships with their exes, I’m friends with Jacques and my ex-husband, and Tom is still friends with some of the women he’s dated. I have no problem with this, so I don’t understand why some of the women do.

Until next week, keep it together as best you can and don’t let the haters win!

I think LuAnn’s time on RHONY is quickly coming to an end, and there’s only so much bragging about Tom that we can take. No matter how hard she tries, no one is impressed by him; he cheated on in her public only days after their engagement, yet she chose to disregard the scandal and pretend it never happened. Tom has made her look foolish, and everyone realizes it but her.

As for her bridal shower, I do agree that Ramona shouldn’t have even expected an invitation; but I’m not surprised one bit that she tried to make this a problem.

LuAnn needs to open her eyes and stop thinking her former friends are against her; she needs to realize that they may actually be concerned for her well-being. LuAnn has put Tom on a pedestal, and nothing anyone says can change her mind!

Thoughts on LuAnn’s blog? Has Tom made her look foolish? Is she delusional about their relationship? Are you bored with her storyline? Was Ramona crazy for expecting an invitation? Are LuAnn’s co-stars looking out for her, or trying to start problems? Does LuAnn need to be more careful and stop assuming everyone is against her and Tom? 

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