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Dorinda Medley Hints That She’s Still Harboring Some Resentment Towards Bethenny Frankel And Sonja Morgan!

The residual drama, no pun intended, from the season 8 reunion is still leaving a bad taste in Dorinda Medley’s mouth as we go into season 9.

In her latest Bravo blog, the Real Housewives of New York star opens up about her fractured relationship with co-stars Sonja Morgan and Bethenny Frankel.

Dorinda says Bethenny and Sonja spread “unnecessary slander and lies” about her during the season 8 reunion but claims she’s now trying to let “bygones be bygones.”

I don’t know how many friendships that can move past cocaine accusations, just saying!

See what else Dorinda had to say below!

Well after a tumultuous Season 8, the girls are back, and aren’t you happy? After a restful summer in my favorite place, Blue Stone Manor in the Berkshires, I am ready to see the girls and start again. I am thrilled to report that I have not only been invited to Tom and Lu’s wedding, but I have been asked to be a bridesmaid. I kinda thought at this point in my life I would be Mother of the Bride, but needless to say I am excited and honored. Lu seems very happy and has clearly put the past in the past. She and Tom are in full wedding mode and seem happier them ever.

I wish I could say the same about the rest of the girls. Ramona wants to still question Lu and Tom’s relationship but I really do not want to go there. It makes me uncomfortable and I think it’s inappropriate. As I say, the train has left the station, they are getting married, and it is now time for all to be happy and supportive. Ramona did surprise me when she stated she enjoyed John’s company. Wait a second, did she really just say that? It’s been a long time coming, but I guess miracles really do happen. Ramona, do what you do best: Look gorgeous and taking the NY dating scene by storm.

On a good note, I was so happy to reconnect with Carole. I went into our first meet-up a little nervous but quickly realized that she was receptive to going forward as well. I have no idea what happened to our relationship. We started off so strong in London, and I felt a real connection with her, so it saddened me when it all went downhill. Carole and I have a lot more in common than you think (especially this year with the tumultuous election coming up), and I just enjoy her company. She brings a level of peace and sanity to my life, and I feel like she’s an old friend from my past. This reconnect made me very happy, and I look forward to spending quality no bullsh– time with her, Adam, the two cats, and of course Baby!

Now onto the other girls. After a rough reunion of unnecessary slander and lies, I tried to let bygones be bygones and invite Sonja to a girls’ weekend in the Berkshires over the summer, but she never responded to my invitation. Still having a hard time figuring out what Sonja has against me. On paper we should be connected, as we have gone through a lot of the same stuff and are in a similar position in life, and yet she chooses to constantly malign me for no apparent reason. I have tried to take Michelle Obama’s advice of “you go low and I go high,” but quite frankly enough is enough. It is time to set the record straight, and as they say, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. But FIRST I’ll have a lot to say! I haven’t had the chance to see Bethenny yet, but as usual she is wheeling and dealing and keepin’ it movin’! That girl never stops. She has the energy of three people. Please give me what she’s eating ’cause I need some. My goal is to reconnect with her, too, as I kinda miss her and need a good Bethenny laugh. Truly when she’s great, she’s everything.

As Carole would say, there’s a new gangster in town, and I have yet to meet her: Tinsley Mortimer. A few things I do know: She’s living with Sonja (which means she won’t like me), and she has a mugshot (now that’s a picture for a Tiffany frame). I am going to keep an open mind. You never know how the charms of Dorinda Medley could win over the new resident of Grey Gardens. 

Until next week. Welcome Season 9. 

Apparently, Dorinda and the other ladies are STILL harboring a lot of animosity from last season’s drama. I am not surprised Dorinda’s still pissed about being called a coke head; I would be. I think Dorinda and B will rekindle their friendship fast, but Sonja and Dorinda are a different story – those two have some major issues to work out.

Thoughts on Dorinda’s blog? Were B and Sonja’s comments about Dorinda nothing but “slander and lies?” Can Dorinda repair her friendships with both B and Sonja? Do you agree that Ramona needs to stop questioning Lu and Tom’s relationship?

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