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Kathy Wakile Degrades Bravo’s Version Of A Real Housewife While Rich Takes Shots At Teresa & Joe Giudice!

Kathy Wakile has not been a full-time cast member on The Real Housewives of New Jersey for several years now, but she’s officially off the show for good and not current filming for the upcoming 8th season. Kathy is trying to act like she’s left the show on her own, but Bravo fans no that is absolutely not the case, and now she’s bashing the show every chance she has!

Recently Broadly.Vice.Com sat down with Kathy at her home, and right off the bat began “ranting” about RHONJ. She pointed out that over the past few years Andy Cohen’s “housewives” are anything but that! Kathy tried to support her claims that she left the show on her own, because she no longer “connects” with Bravo’s version of a housewife!

I don’t give a shit. I’m wearing it for who I am, what makes me comfortable,” she insisted. Adding, “As you can see, I dressed up for you today. I put makeup on. That’s a big deal.

Kathy says that she is an “actual housewife” who cooks and cleans for her family; Bravo’s “housewives” are entrepreneurs, on the show to promote their brands. (I guess she forgot about her cannoli kits and unsuccessful cookbook?)

She was asked to clarify the difference between an “actual housewife” and Bravo’s version of a “Real Housewife.” Her answer was shady and hypocritical; I guess she forgets who she used to desire to be just a few short years ago!

Housewife means a woman who stays at home, a stay-at-home mom—the woman that takes care of everything in the house. A domestic engineer, I guess you could call it,” she asserted.

Clarifying, “The whole pop-culture, TV persona thing of [the Real] Housewife is completely different.” The interviewer asked if the TV-version was more like a, “socialite” and she continued to slam her old co-stars.

It’s a wannabe socialite. You wanna see your name on E! News, or you wanna open up one of those tabloids and see your face: ‘Who wore it better,’” she fired back.

Throughout her interview Kathy bragged about how she constantly she cooks and cleans, but on the show none of the women are domestic; pointing out that, “nobody is doing laundry,” regardless of the city.

I have laundry to do,” she exclaimed (While showing off her perfectly manicured nails)! Fuming further, “I have the hands to prove it. Dishwasher hands are real, and they exist in Franklin Lakes.

It’s also comical that the writer noted how Kathy failed to mention the several seasons she appeared as, “a friend of the housewives,” after losing her full-time spot on RHONJ. She also showed spoke about her cannoli kit multiple times, and references her book, which is on display on her kitchen counter!

Finally she was asked about her current relationship with Teresa Giudice, and she shortly responded that things are, “good.” And that’s when her husband Rich walked in and expressed how he really feels about his wife’s cousin; for the hundredth time! (When will he understand that no one cares what he thinks, about anything!)

You should do a story on how people are stupid and commit crimes on TV… Does Bravo make these women do an IQ test,” Rich condescendingly asked!

After that Kathy ordered him to be quiet and abruptly ended the interview; all of these years and she still can’t get Rich to be respectful! Soon after, Kathy’s publicist emailed the site to say that, “Kathy would refuse to sign our model release form unless Kathy could approve the photos!

Kathy is still so bitter about being let go from Bravo and everyone knows it. She was shamelessly doing everything possible  to get back on good terms with the Giudice’s and Gorga’s on camera, yet the damage was done and Teresa has every right to cut them out of her life. Rich is disgusting and is even more eager to get back on TV; he’s one of the worst husbands in housewives history!

Now that her only friend from RHONJ is gone (Jacquleine Laurita), Kathy thinks it’s okay to trash the show that made her famous, but she clearly hasn’t changed and still desperately wants fame; she made her publicist reach out to have her pictures approved before the article was published!

The writer’s distaste for Kathy is seeping out in this interview, and maybe she should go back to doing laundry and leave her co-stars alone; no one will miss her on RHONJ season 8, and that’s clearly not sitting well with this bitter ex-reality star!

Thoughts on Kathy’s interview? Is she jealous? Do you believe she quit the show? Is Rich too involved? Why do they continue to talk about Teresa and Joe? Are you glad that Kathy is off of the show? Should Andy comment on her interview? Should she be banned from ever returning? Is Kathy a hypocrite?

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