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Robyn Dixon Is Done Being In The Middle Of Gizelle Bryant & Charrisse Jackson Jordan’s Feud; Whose Side Is She On?!

RHOP fan-favorite Robyn Dixon is as real as they come and she made that known again in the season 2 premiere!

Many housewives get in over their heads and live above their means, yet Robyn chose to face reality and downsize as she takes the time to revamp her financial situation. Robyn revealed last season that a very close friend had been stealing their money, and she and Juan ultimately lost everything. The fact that Robyn moved, shows their townhouse on TV, and was completely honest when talking about it was refreshing, honest, and completely relatable; a nice change from the stuffy housewives who think they have to keep up an appearance for fame (for example, Karen Huger)!

In this week’s Bravo Blog Robyn dished on her new home and how things are going with Juan, she also expressed her frustrations with Charisse and Gizelle’s feud, and even admitted which one she thinks is in the wrong!

Moving from my home and into the townhouse was very difficult and emotional for me. I lived in my previous home for 13 years, since I was about 23, and experienced almost every significant milestone as an adult in that home, so it was just very emotional to have to leave,” Robyn confessed.

Continuing, “On the other hand, I have been through a lot over the past few years and welcomed a fresh start in a new home that didn’t carry a lot of bad memories. I’ve actually been enjoying the new home. It is brand new and beautiful and has really simplified my life. We got rid of so much junk that we didn’t need and didn’t have room for and it’s so much easier to keep clean! The moving process from a larger home into a much smaller one was so hard though! It was kind of like trying to squeeze Karen’s breasts into Ashley’s bra! My biggest struggle continues to be size of the bedrooms, closets, and storage space. I guess I need to continue to purge,” she explained.

For those who criticized Robyn for still living with Juan, she had a lot to say about their decision to stay under the same roof; while she didn’t confirm if they are officially back together, she did say that the move has been great for them and they are definitely, “closer” than they were last season!

Juan and I chose to continue living together for very simple reasons. First, we didn’t want to incorporate too much change into the kids’ lives and thought that forcing them to move from the only home they knew and loved as well as starting a new school would be enough disruption for two little boys to handle at once. Things would have been a lot more difficult for them had their father moved elsewhere. Also, continuing to live together makes the most financial sense for us both right now. We are able to live somewhere comfortably that we all enjoy without having to overextend our budget. We are both in a building phase in our careers and lives and feel it makes the most sense to create as little financial stress as possible,” she defended. Adding, “My relationship with Juan continues to grow as we continue to support each other in our daily lives. The everyday stress of just being a busy working parent often gets in the way of remembering to have fun and making time to enjoy one another but we are able to spend a lot of time together as a family. This move has definitely brought us closer,” she teased!

So where does she stand on the Gizelle and Charrisse feud; right in the middle, a place she can’t wait to get out of!

As I sit back and think about the situation between Gizelle and Charrisse, I am really dumbfounded and can’t even figure out how we got here. Both ladies have gotten completely out of line and delivered low blows, but for what reason?! Although I think both Charrisse and Gizelle were wrong for the things they said, I think what Gizelle said was far worse and really took their beef to an all-time high. Watching Gizelle spill Charrisse’s private business on national television, without really knowing if it is true, was so shocking and disappointing to see. It is extremely difficult being in the middle of this conflict because they both really are my dear friends and being in social settings with the two of them at odds makes it very uncomfortable for us all,” she asserted.

Elaborating, “As a friend, I had to tell Gizelle the truth about how I felt about the situation so that we can all try to patch things up and move forward. I know Juan advised me to stay out of their beef, but I really can’t have an open and honest discussion with either one of them without speaking my honest thoughts. That’s what real friends are for,” Robyn wrapped.


Thoughts on Robyn’s blog? Do you like Robyn? Did you appreciate that she was honest about her financial situation? Do you think she is back with Juan? Thoughts on Charrisse and Gizelle’s feud? Do you think Robyn will b e thrown in the middle? Thoughts on the RHOP season 2 premiere?

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