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Gizelle Bryant Defends Talking Publicly About Charrisse Jackson Jordan’s Marital Problems!

Season 2 of the Real Housewives of Potomac premiered last night things quickly heated up between Gizelle Bryant and Charrisse Jackson Jordon.

It turns out Gizelle has been talking around town about Charrisse’s marital situation, both her and her husband a rumored to be dating other people, however, Gizelle defends her actions by claiming it’s payback for Charrisse calling her a whore.

Gizelle took to her Bravo blog following the episode to give her two cents on the drama.

First Gizelle tackles Charrisse’s calling the allegations against her marriage “bullshit.”

“Since I am the “word on the street,” I have no problem putting your business “on the street” when provoked. Don’t call me out my name or insinuate that I’m a whore, tramp, slut, strumpet, or floozy and I will keep ALL secrets,” Gizelle explains. “Now the universal response to not responding is to call EVERYTHING “bullsh–.” It’s how we survive as a society: when busted, deny, deny, and deny three more times. I mean, that is hand caught in the cookie jar 101.”

As for her BFF Robyn Dixon, confronting her about Charrisse, Gizelle says she felt like Robyn crossed enemy lines and was rooting for Team Charrisse.

“I clearly have enough people lying to me all the time, so it’s refreshing to have friends that tell you the truth no matter what. Now, Robyn’s truth and MY TRUTH don’t match up right now on the subject of Charrisse,” Gizelle says. “I appreciate Robyn’s perspective but ummmm, NOT TODAY. It feels like Robyn’s wearing a Team Charrisse tee-shirt with matching socks and headband. Robyn is caught up in The Matrix choosing the wrong color pill.”

Next, Gizelle explains her “why does she want to know” comment about Ashley inquiry into her dance partners sexuality and how she and Ashley are doing after last year’s reunion.

“Ashley’s dance partner Teon was a little cutie and with ALL the twerking, gyrating, humping and grinding, this little samba mambo combination might be a quick fix to the cobwebs in Ashely’s bedroom. Teon was licking his lips and sticking his tongue out, seems like he had more on his mind than a harmless Hill Harper charity event,” Gizelle explains. “The more time I spend with Ashley, the more I appreciate her spunk. She and her bush have grown on me in a great way.”

Finally Gizelle dishes on her confrontation with Charrisse and what was going thru her mind during and after their showdown.

“By the time Charrisse has me cornered in a dark back alley I’m simple OVER IT. Between the Cease-and-desist-Gate, her screaming, and zip code numbers being read. I started thinking this conversation needs a campaign slogan, how do we MAKE CHARRISSE GREAT AGAIN?” Gizelle reveals. “I started thinking about my mailing address and wondering, ‘Does my zip code qualify me to hear all these f-bombs flying around?’ I was thinking, ‘If I apologize then this conversation will END and we can get to a better place and be happy, drinking champagne, while the sun is shining, eating grapes, and cheese.’ NAAA. Ha!”

It looks like Charrisse and Gizelle won’t be BFF’s anytime soon. Hopefully, their feud doesn’t affect Gizelle and Robyn’s friendship although it looks like it may.

Thoughts on Gizelle’s blog? What did you think of last night’s RHOP? Are you team Gizelle or Team Charrisse? Was Gizelle wrong for talking about Charrisse’s marital issues publicly? Do you think Charrisse called Gizelle a whore?

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