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Ashley Darby Says Having Gizelle Bryant Judge Her Is Nothing New

Judge away!

Ashley Darby has no problem getting judged in more than one way by her Real Housewives of Potomac co-star Gizelle Bryant.

In her Bravo blog, Ashley dishes on getting judged by Gizelle, her relationship with her dance partner, and her thoughts on Gizelle and Charrisse Jackson Jordon’s showdown!

First, Ashley discusses the irony in having her co-star Gizelle judge her saying, “Having Gizelle judge me is certainly nothing new, but this time it was in the name of a good cause. I was hoping Gizelle would be fair and judge me based on my performance on the dance floor, and thankfully she did not disappoint. Besides, even a blind man could see that was a perfect 10 performance! Because Teon was such a great partner, it was only just to give him the trophy to showcase at the Dance Institute of Washington.”

As for those salacious comments about her and her dance partner Teon, Ashley says she wouldn’t expect anything less from Gizelle.

“If there’s one thing Gizelle is good at, it’s worrying about what everybody else is doing. She wouldn’t be able to sleep at night without thinking that something salacious was going on between Teon and me, especially considering the lack of chemistry between her and her partner at last year’s competition,” Ashley explains. “At the end of the day, Teon, Michael and I know the innocuous nature of our dance relationship. Gizelle can keep her wet dreams about Teon and me to herself.”

Finally, Ashley gives her two cents on Charrisse and Gizelle’s showdown; making it clear she’s Team Charrisse and that Gizelle crossed the line yet again.

“Hands down, it was wrong on ALL fronts for Gizelle to involve herself in Charrisse’s business. Whether the allegations are true or not, it’s not my biscuit to butter, so the last thing I’d do is go around spreading the news,” Ashley says. “This is another case of Gizelle not knowing her boundaries, but Charrisse came to play referee and is ready to put Gizelle in her place. The root of this problem is discussing other people’s sex lives; sex is a natural thing that two consensual adults can engage in until they deflate like hot air balloons. It’s not Gizelle’s concern to comment on what soon-to-be-divorced Charrisse is doing with her body, just as Charrisse needn’t call single-and-ready-to-mingle Gizelle a ‘whore.’ Do what makes you happy, and do it well!”

Thoughts on Ashley’s blog? Do you think anything was going on between Ashley and her dance partner? Can Ashley and Gizelle ever be friends? Was Gizelle out of line for talking about Charrisse’s sex life?

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