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Erika Girardi Admits Erika Jayne Is a Creation Of Her Anxiety & Gets Candid On Her Other Insecurities Like Never Before!

Erika Girardi has revealed more of her true self this season on RHOBH and in a brand new interview she is baring even more!

We got to know Erika Jayne on season 6, but on season 7 Erika’s admitted that she is really a shy, quiet person who has anxieties and insecurities; yet she used them to create something beautiful, Erika Jayne!

I had everything that you want. Every material object. Everything. But inside my core I still wasn’t satisfied,” she confessed to Nightline.

Elaborating, “I felt like I was just not being myself. I felt like I was hiding. I was hiding from me. I was hiding from sparkle and magic and fun and fearlessness and music and dance and creative magic… I just knew I had feelings. I knew I had thoughts. I knew I had things I wanted to say. Listen, I’m rebellious. Okay? I always have been. And Erika Jayne is a little bit of a rebel too.

Continuing, “It wasn’t like overnight I became this like fearless badass that said, ‘You know what? I’m going to just jump out here on faith and do whatever I want.’ That was a slow process. But what can I say? It’s what I created,” Erika described.

Erika Girardi’s insecurities are similar to a lot of women’s, and as an introvert this was her way of facing them.  “I think that I suffer from what every woman suffers from, which is never being pretty enough, never being thin enough, never being enough, never being smart enough. You can really whip yourself into a frenzy about all the things you that don’t have instead of all the great things that you do have,” she spilled.

I just don’t see those limitations in life. Like someone said to me, ‘How do you feel about dancing against Simone Biles, she’s 20-years-old [on Dancing with the Stars? I said, ‘I don’t want to be 20-years-old anymore. I’m happy being 45. Women my age are valuable, and we have a lot more life to live and so much more to give. All of those old rules, they’ve been broken. Yeah. That’s old way of thinking,” Erika wrapped.

I think what Erika Girardi is way different than any of us originally thought, and although Dorit did shame her over panty-gate, it was a reason for her to really open up about the person behind the pop star!

It was refreshing to hear this coming from a housewife, and I’m always rooting for Erika; I think things got very out of hand in Hong Kong, but this is RHOBH and we were bound to see Erika snap sooner or later.

I guess this is what she really means when she said, “I think every woman has a little Erika Jayne inside of her she’s just dying to get out!

Thoughts on Erika’s confessions? Are you surprised by her recent admission? Did you have a different first impression? Do you like Erika? Do you think she has a long run in the spotlight ahead of her?

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