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Erika Girardi’s Gets Candid On Her Feud With Dorit Kemsley; Are They In A Better Place Following The RHOBH Reunion?!

Erika Girardi and RHOBH newbie Dorit Kemsley have had tension from the start, and once Dorit and PK started pantygate, things went from bad to worse.

They ended up clashing all season, and while Erika went about her business, Dorit continued to make unnecessary comments and instigate the situation. In a new interview with TooFab Erika opened up about her feud with Dorit, and shockingly revealed that for now, they are in a better place.

Erika finally spoke up and had words with Dorit on the boat in Hong Kong, during the conversation about Lisa Rinna being addicted to Xanx. So, why was that they right time? “Because I was there, so I was just reporting what I saw. I was in Mexico when the whole conversation came up about Xanax smoothies,” Erika defended.

Although TooFab insinuated Erika had been affected personally by substance abuse, she insisted that is not why she chose that time to lose her cool! “I was talking about the way she’s treating me, that’s why I brought up the bulls–t thing. That has nothing to do with the Xanax,” she assured.

Recently, Dorit was eager to announce that she and Erika are, “in a better place” following the reunion, and Erika agreed that things are not nearly as bad as they once were. “That’s right, she’s right. 100 percent. I’m not going to give away the show, but we are definitely in a better place. She’s absolutely correct,” she admitted.

While we’re all dying to know what led Erika to break down in Hong Kong, she’s still staying tight lipped; however she did spill that it’s a personal issue, and nothing to do with RHOBH. “Yes, I got upset about something, and it’s something personal in my life. It has nothing to do with the women in the group,” she confirmed. When asked to elaborate Erika refused, and teased that we need to watch the show to find out!

As expected, Pantygate comes up at the reunion, and allegedly Dorit stuck with her story that this was intended as a joke. Erika got candid on how she and Dorit both have a different perspective now that time has passed and they rehashed the issue. “Well, a lot of time has passed since #PantyGate, and I think she realizes exactly what I said, which was the more you talk about shit, the worse it gets. And she understands that things tend to have a life of their own and they’re constantly repeated, and while it was a joke, I was the brunt of the joke, and then they wouldn’t let the joke go, so that’s really where the issue is with that. I can take a joke, believe me, but when people choose to keep that alive and choose to make it something over and over again, that’s no longer a joke,” she explained.

Continuing, “Yes, I would definitely say we’ve come a long way since then. I think that Dorit has learned a lot through her first season. I think that she’s figured it out. It’s tough when you come in and you’re new and you navigate this whole group and you navigate being on television. It’s definitely difficult, and I said that to her at the end, and we left at a different place than we were months ago, and that’s a positive step in the right direction,” Erika confessed.

It sounds like the RHOBH season 7 reunion was no different than previous years and according to Erika, “There’s the usual…people have words with each other, there’s a walk off, people get upset. There are tears and all that kind of dramatic shit.

Yet, in her opinion it wasn’t as intense as the season 6 reunion, because of her girl Yolanda Hadid. “No, because last year had Yolanda who was fighting a real illness. No one here is sick, so you really can’t compare that. The level of seriousness last year … it was much more serious. I mean, she was ill, this year people are just pissed at each other.”

So how did she feel leaving the reunion? “That’s an individual question. I walked out the reunion feeling great. I’ve spoken with all the girls afterwards. I don’t harbor any ill will, but you’d have to ask others how they feel, but for me, I feel fine,” she claimed.

And when it comes to season 8 Erika wrapped, “Well, I mean, if I was asked. We’ll see.” (For the record, I think she’ll be asked!)

Am I crazy that I’m a little disappointed that Erika and Dorit found resolution? I think that Dorit and creepy PK disrespected Erika on national TV and she owes them nothing! Dorit came into the group thinking her friendship with LVP was a free pass to do whatever she wanted; sorry Dorit, that’s not how it works!

I think Erika is a fantastic addition to the show and she won’t be going anywhere for a very long time!

Tonight we finally find out what made Erika so upset, so make sure you join us to live tweet RHOBH at 9PM @AllAboutTRH!

Thoughts on Erika’s interview? Why do you think she breaks down in Hong Kong? Are you shocked she and Dorit are in a better place? Do you want them to be friends? Was Dorit entitled when she joined the show? Is Lisa Rinna addicted to xanx? What did you think of season 7?

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