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Dorit Kemsley Says Both Lisa Rinna And Erika Girardi Were Out For Blood In Hong Kong!

Dorit Kemsley got a taste for a lot of firsts during her freshman season as a Housewife but now that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has her first cast trip under her belt she’s ready to spill the beans on all the drama.

Recently Dorit chatted with Too Fab where she dished on her showdown with Erika Girardi and Lisa Rinna in Hong Kong.

Dorit revealed that she was blindsided by both Erika and Rinna in Hong Kong, and while Erika and Dorit haven’t seen eye to eye all season, she never expected things to come to a head in China.

“I was a bit shocked, I didn’t expect Erika to voice that resentment she had been harboring over the last 4 months,” Dorit explained. “There was a lot of intensity on the boat.”

If you recall, things got heated in China went Rinna accused Dorit of insinuating she had a pill problem, Erika sided with  Rinna and told Dorit, “I don’t like bullshit Dorit and that’s what I think you are.”

Dorit says she was shocked and spent the rest of the evening just trying to survive.

“I definitely was not prepared for what happened in Hong Kong. I wasn’t prepared what happened with Erika, I wasn’t prepared for what happened with Lisa or Eileen [Davidson]. It was very much survival in that moment,” Dorit said.

“I also believed very much in my intentions. I knew that my intentions were always good and I’m not one that likes to be bullied. If I ever feel like I’m in a situation where I’m being bullied, I’m always going to stick up for myself, I’m always going to stand strong and hopefully find the strength in that moment to stand on your own, which I did at times, against three people.”

Adding, “I think I really did manage to hold my own and it was intense.”

As for the accusations, she was spreading rumors that Rinna is a pill popper Dorit denies the claims; making it clear her comments were all in good fun.

“I’m one of those people also, my husband and I banter so much in our house, we are constantly taking the piss out of one another. Our friends are like that,” Dorit explains. “I like to joke and have fun and particularly with a topic that might be sensitive, making it lighthearted, it’s always a nicer way, an easier way, for me to not feel this tension. There were jokes along the way but I thought everyone in the conversation understood that they were jokes.”

While Dorit can’t really explain why her co-stars don’t get her “jokes” or “sense of humor” she can explain why the cast trips always seem to go awry.

“It’s sort of par for the course. We flew 15 hours, we didn’t have an adjustment period to the time change. We were all jet lagged, we’re all exhausted, we’re away from our families, our children, our loved ones, it’s just us,” Dorit added. “We all sort of know it’s the end of the season, so whatever there is, it’s the time to get it out. I think that’s just the name of the game, the nature of the beast. That’s why I think these trips tend to bring the most drama.”

I don’t get how Dorit didn’t expect things with Rinna and Erika to come to a head. While I don’t think Dorit’s comments were intentionally met to hurt or start drama she had to know her snarky jokes would come back to bite her. I like Dorit but I think she created a lot of what she got in Hong Kong.

Thoughts on Dorit’s interview? Do you think Dorit was unfairly attacked in Hong Kong? Were Erika and Rinna out for blood? Are Dorit’s “jokes” being misinterpreted?

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