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Ariana Madix Defends Scheana Shay For Jumping Into New Relationship So Quickly; Claims She “Caught Her-Self Off Guard!”

Scheana and Mike Shay’s split came as a shock, and while he’s remained out of the spotlight, she’s been basking in the attention!

Scheana had a fun few weeks teasing the identity of her new man on social media, and once he was confirmed as actor/producer Robert Valletta, the couple can’t stop with the PDA! (For what it’s worth, I hadn’t heard of him either, and his IMBD shows very few projects that he’s been involved in).

We told you yesterday that these two have been flaunting their love all over Hawaii, and at this point it’s become obnoxious; we’re happy for you Scheana, but you need to chill!

Her (on-again) best friend Ariana Madix recently defended Scheana against the haters who have a lot to say about how quickly she fell in-love again, but according to Ariana she was not out looking for a new man, yet you can’t fight fate!

I think over the last two years, I’ve seen Scheana grow a lot as a person,” Ariana told The Daily Dish. Elaborating, “I think that some of the struggles that she went through last year with Shay and the struggles that we had in our friendship and her divorce, I think that these are all things that have actually helped her grow as a person, and I think that she’s in a really good place right now,” she revealed.

Ariana claimed that because of her divorce Scheana has finally learned to confront her problems head-on, rather than sweep them under the rug the way she did with Mike.

I think that the reason she’s in a good place is because she’s learning to address her issues head-on, whereas in the past, I think she was the kind of person who would sweep things under the rug or dismissed problems and just put on a happy face, go have fun,” Ariana explained. Adding, “So I think that now she’s seeing this new person and I think that those two things combined, she’s doing really well.

So does Ariana like her BFF’s new man; yes, she does very much!

I think he’s awesome. I think he’s a really nice person. He’s a very smart person. And I think he has a really high emotional intelligence. I think he’s a great communicator and a really fun guy, and I wish them the best,” she said.

Ariana backed-up Scheana’s claims that she and Rob have known each other for a while, but insisted that they were always just friends, and that Scheana never thought they’d end up together.

Scheana and her new boyfriend have known each other for a really long time, but I think only really maybe Kristen [Doute] had met him before because he does a lot of charity work,” Ariana pointed out. (This is confusing, did she just give props to her arch enemy?)

Continuing, “But he’s definitely not somebody that Scheana was talking to regularly. I don’t think [she] really ever even expected what happened to go that way. I don’t think she ever expected to see this guy over the holidays and [develop feelings]. So I don’t know. I think it’s really cool. I think it’s a funny testament to how things change over time in life, and you never know what’s gonna happen,” she spilled.

Ariana did admit that she was worried about Scheana jumping into a new relationship so soon, but in the end she just wants to support Scheana and see her happy.

For me, my protective nature when it came to Scheana moving forward past her divorce was always is this too soon because you don’t want somebody to go from one relationship to another relationship. But that being said, I think that talks that I’ve had with her, I really think that her relationship [with Shay] had kind of deteriorated over a long period of time, and I think she caught herself off-guard when she started seeing somebody else, like two-and-a-half months after. But I don’t know. I just think that things happen, and if you deny yourself something that makes you happy, it might be detrimental in the future,” she divulged.

Ariana closed by assuring us that Scheana has “a good head on her shoulders,” and she trusts her decisions moving forward!

I think that she’s just kind of living for her now, and I think that as long as she keeps addressing those issues and as long as she doesn’t brush things under the rug and is open to talking about where she is in her life and the fact that this is new and very soon, then I think that things might work out. She just has to be open to having conversations. We all do,” she wrapped.

I’m all for moving on, but Scheana is literally shoving her new relationship down our throats. It’s kind of bizarre that she was strattling him on the beach while on a family vacation. I wish Scheana and Rob the best, but she needs to slow down and stop with the PDA; some things should be kept in the bedroom, yet she flaunted their sexual chemistry all over the beach!

Thoughts on Ariana’s interview? Is Scheana being obnixious flaunting her new relationship? Will Scheana and Rob go all the way? Are you happy to see she’s in a new relationship? Did she move on too fast? Did Scheana learn from her divorce?

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