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Lala Kent’s Plastic Surgery Confessions; What Does She Think She’s “Overdone?!”

Lala Kent is a beautiful young woman, however she can no longer be considered a natural beauty; LA has gotten the best of her and she’s had quite a bit of work done!

She recently talked to The Daily Dish and made it clear that she’s not one of those women who lies about her procedures, and she’s ready to cop to everything she’s had done.

I’m not the type of person who’s going to walk out and be like, ‘I’ve had nothing done! My face just changed like this.’ I’m pretty open about things like that,” she insisted.

Lala admitted that she’s had Botox in her forehead and between her eyebrows. Not only that, but she has filler in her cheeks, chin, and lips! “So, pretty much my whole face, except my nose,” she joked.

However she does realize that she’s done too much to her lips, and she’s ready to slow it down in the plumping department!  “I will say, this last time I feel like I overdid it,” Lala confessed. Continuing, “I want to stop with the lips, I want to stop with the fillers. Enough is enough!”

There is one more place Lala would like to fix though, her jawline! She blames, “horrible genetics,” and is thinking of getting more filler there!

Talk about a contradiction; she just said she was done with fillers, now she wants more! For the record, I know the Vanderpump Rules’ girls all get Botox, but Lala’s taken things to the extreme!

Lala does not make enough money to pay for any of this, so dishing on her plastic surgery only fuels the rich, married boyfriend rumors; I really doubt her parents would finance this much work to her face! Although, I will give her credit for not trying to lie about the extent of her work; it’s so obvious that she’s altered her face more than once or twice.

Lala looked great when she first stepped on the Vanderpump Rules scene, but in my opinion she looks very overdone at this point. She clearly has some sort of self-esteem issue that she’s getting so much done to her face at such a young age.

I’m not against women getting botox or fillers to keep themselves looking young and fresh-faced, but Lala’s done so much that she makes herself look WAY older than she actually is.

Lala is only 26 years old; she better stop with the Botox and Fillers or she’s going to ruin her face by the time she’s 30!

Below is a picture of Lala when she first joined the show in 2014, and then a more recent photo of the former SURver; let us know which look you like better!

Did Lala get too much work done? Which look do you like better? Does she look older than 26? Are you happy she came clean on what she’s done to her face? Does Lala have low self-esteem? Will she re-join Vanderpump Rules?

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