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How Did Lala Kent’s Boyfriend Feel About Those Married Rumors?

Gossip fuels the fire at SUR, and Lala Kent found her entrenched in the rumor mill over accusations that she was dating a married man.

Lala can’t seem to escape this pesky rumor despite denying the allegation multiple times.

To clarify once and for all, Lala shut down the chatter about her supposed “married boyfriend” while talking to The Daily Dish.

“He is not married, never has been while I’ve been around,” Lala revealed; explaining how difficult the rumors were on her throughout the season.

“It was extremely heavy for me because I am an open book, but I do protect people when they aren’t as open as I am and that was my main goal,” Lala said. “But it just would not die, so at some point, I broke. I don’t think I’ve ever been under that much pressure before.”

As for her boyfriend, Lala says he was nothing but supportive during the drama.“I mean he was nothing but supportive,” she said. “But at the same time, he was also making sure that everything was remaining steady in his own world and that the whole world wouldn’t come crashing down.”

These days Lala and her man are still together; saying their relationship is nothing but happy.

“We’re good and happy and healthy and all of the above. Don’t worry about it. I’m in a happy relationship. That’s all people need to know right now. To be continued, dot dot dot dot. We’ll see where it goes.”

Another twist in Lala’s love life came when her good friend James Kennedy claimed she made him sign an NDA to hang out with her boyfriend. Lala confirmed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that she did make James and only James sign NDA because of his big mouth and that she does have some regrets about it.

“To make this very clear, the only person that ever actually was given an NDA was James Kennedy because he’s reckless at the mouth,” she said. “I think we all can agree on that. It didn’t go too far. I probably shouldn’t have asked him to sign something like that because he is my friend.”

Adding, “I don’t know if we’re gonna be at zero today or 100 today and you can’t control him once he goes. So I kind of just thought it was something to have my back and instead it turned into a story line.”

I still don’t buy that Lala’s boyfriend isn’t married. If her boyfriend is who he’s rumored to be then, he’s totally married, and she’s nothing but a liar. Lala’s behavior on VPR was so odd because it was clear she wasn’t being real and showing her real life. I really hoped to like Lala on the show, but she just came across very phony to me.

Do you believe Lala isn’t dating a married man? Was it fair for Lala’s relationship to be called out? Was Lala justified in making James signing an NDA? Do you think we saw the real Lala on VPR?

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