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AATRH Exclusive: Are RHOC Alliances Already Forming For Season 12; Plus Behind The Scenes Details!

Last week we told you that RHOC season 12 filming was officially underway, and shared pictures from some sort of Lamborghini unveiling party hosted by the newest housewife Peggy Sulahian.

Peggy and her husband are involved in the luxury rim business, so it’s not a surprise that her first event was centered around expensive cars. Vicki Gunvalson, Meghan King Edmonds, and Lydia McLaughlin were all at the event, and it appeared that everyone had a great time.

It was a bit peculiar that Kelly Dodd wasn’t at the event, yet it wasn’t strange at all that Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge were absent; those two are currently in a housewives world of their own!

We checked in with our RHOC sources and got some insight into exactly what’s going on behind the scenes right now!

We previously told you that Peggy didn’t have an authentic connection to the cast, however it appears that Peggy’s husband Diko is (or already did) appear in Lydia and Doug’s newest magazine Nobleman; an easy way for producers to work her into the season!

Allegedly there is already a season 12 “alliance” and it’s an unexpected group; “Lydia, Peggy, and Vicki are the first alliance of the season, while no one saw it coming they get along well and have each others backs right now,” a RHOC source revealed.

Interestingly enough, the day after the Lamborghini unveiling Kelly posted the picture below to Instagram, which may be a dig at her co-stars, or totally unrelated; that has yet to be determined.

A source close to Kelly insisted that, “Kelly and Vicki are still close friends , but Kelly was in San Francisco for the weekend of Peggy’s party.” While the alliance wasn’t directly addressed, if Kelly and Vicki are close, it would seem strange that the alliance exists. The insider also didn’t know details about the Instagram post, so that too remains unknown at the moment!

Kelly’s social media does back up the claims that she was in San Fran that weekend, so it’s still very possible that she’s on good terms with everyone in the cast besides Tamra and Shannon.

Days later she added the post below, but again there is no caption. The cast is deep into filming now, so many are thinking that this is hinting at a RHOC altercation, but with Kelly you just never know!

Lydia’s return is being talked about big time behind the scenes, and this time around she plans on using RHOC to her advantage! Lydia and her husband Doug launched a new magazine in October, 2016 and it will be heavily discussed. Lydia’s storyline revolves around Nobleman, and allegedly it’s the reason she came back to the show. It’s a prestigious, luxury magazine for men, and I’ll give props to the McLaughlin’s, their website is fantastic.

Lydia decided to come back to RHOC to gain exposure for Nobleman. The magazine industry is not what is used to be, and the show will be great publicity,” our source explained. It was surprising to hear that Lydia had a taste of fame and she can’t get enough. Apparently she missed the spotlight and often talks about being famous; welcome back Lydia, you’re in for a wild ride!

We already told you that Lydia and Doug’s other magazine Beverly Hills Lifestyle recently named Lisa Vanderpump Editor in Chief, and Pandora will be working with her as well; this seems like more than a coincidence to me!

Peggy was recently spotted filming in Orange County, and one thing is clear; she is going to show off A LOT of expensive cars. Her husband is in the industry and I can’t imagine what else they have in their garage!

Meghan is back as well, which is a bit ironic because she made such a big deal of wanting to leave the show. Multiple insiders confirmed that once a woman reaches her third season on the show she starts making more money; this is for every franchise, not just RHOC. This will be Meghan’s third season, money talks!

It’s not exactly known if Meghan still lives in Orange County, and when last season ended she and Jimmy had their house on the market, with the intention of moving back to St. Louis.

Meghan recently hosted a “Meet Aspen” party and I have to say it looked gorgeous! Meghan is in mommy-heaven and I’m looking forward to seeing her little one on RHOC, let’s just hope she doesn’t over-do it. I’m hoping we get to see more of Jimmy at home with his wife and daughter, but when it comes to him, you never know!

Meghan is also working with Khall Designs again, so balancing the challenges of being a “working mom” will definitely be explored for her storyline.

Meghan’s most important role on season 12 may be mediator; she is the only cast member on good terms with Shannon, Tamra, Vicki, and Kelly. Without her, the group really has no reason to ever cross paths!

Vicki is expanding her business Coto Insurance, and getting very serious with her boyfriend Steve Lodge. We exclusively told you yesterday about some of the recent philanthropy work she’s been involved in, proving once again that nothing can bring her down!

Briana finally has a diagnosis and as a Lupie myself, I know in the beginning it’s all about finding a balance of what works for you. It seems that we will finally see the OG of the OC in a great place and thriving, which is well deserved considering all she’s been through the past few years.

Earlier this week Vicki posted the picture below, and tagged RHOC in the caption; it looks like one of her enemies on the show is currently getting theirs, big time!

VickiGunvalson: Thanks @laurie_333 for this post earlier, so I had to repost. This is so appropriate for me and some people in my past who attempted and sought out to destroy me, my inner peace and my zest for life. #faith #karma #begood #whoopitup#enjoylife #rhoc. #followme

Finally on Wednesday night the group was all together and Bravo cameras were rolling at Lydia and Doug’s launch party for Nobleman and from what RealHousewives 101 posted it looked like the group had a blast! Our sources tell us Meghan was a bit standoffish and, “Jimmy looked absolutely miserable; you could tell he did not want to be there!

Tamra and Shannon find themselves the odd women out this season, and not too much is known about their season 12 involvement. You’d think that they would be making amends with their RHOC enemies, but there’s be no solid evidence of that at this time, nor can we confirm that that’s going on; there are no cast pictures from last night’s party.

RHOC season 12 can’t come soon enough; stick with AATRH for accurate, up to date spoilers from behind the scenes of Orange County!

Thoughts on RHOC season 12? Do you believe there is an alliance? What will Meghan’s role be between the two sides? Will there be drama this season? Is Lydia only back because of her magazine? Let’s discuss!

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